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Perhaps not the most famous argument but one nevertheless amongst the people who enjoy good aroma therapeutic sessions… vaporizer or smoking? Should I buy a dry herb vaporizer UK or a weed vaporizer UK rather than smoking my dry herbs or weed?
I, through the help of this article and the following points, is here to tell you why buying a vaporizer is, in fact, better and healthier than the latter alternative.
  1. In The Long Run, Vaporizers Are Better For Your Health
It is public knowledge that smoking anything is not good for your health. Although many advocates for smoking might say that smoking certain substances lack empirical evidence to prove that they in fact cause lung cancer. Some even say rather than cause lung cancer, it actually helps prevent it.
I saw a movie where the lead actor who was an advocate for cigarettes smoking was made to taste his own medicine by fixating 100's of nicotine patch on his body. He survived the attack as he was an adept smoker and his heart and lungs were already used to various substances. While this might be used as a reference to prove their point, it should be pointed out that we are living a real life and not some movie and your chances of being kidnapped by some random dudes and have nicotine patches patched up on your skin is close to none.
As explained by Truth on Pot, "the combustion of weed still produces several known carcinogens and tar, which can irritate the lungs and lead to chronic bronchitis. With this problem in mind, manufacturers devised a device to help tackle and rid the community of this dilemma - Vaporizers.
By heating your dry herbs at a lower temperature than combustion, vaporizers produce a vapor that still very much contains the various active medical ingredients inherent in dry herbs, albeit without the harmful by-products that can cause damage to the heart and lungs and other parts of the body.
By vaporizing your dry herbs or concentrates, you are said to remove about 95 percent of the smoke that would have been inhaled naturally. As if that were not enough, using a vaporizer has been said to increase the produce of some anti-inflammatory terpenoids that help protect the lungs from irritation.
  1. …And Also In The Short Run
Users of the dry herb vaporizer the UK and the weed vaporizer UK all over the world have given their testimony, and the majority of them admit that using a vaporizer is the better alternative.
Many admitted to feeling a lot better when they use a vaporizer rather opting to smoke. Some admitted to having some sort of weird feeling after smoking due to the smoke that would go accumulate in the lungs. He further confessed to not having that weird feeling when he used a vaporizer.
Conclusively, conducting your aroma therapeutic session with a dry herb vaporizer UK feels a lot cleaner than smoking and simply feels much cleaner. Opting for a vaporizer also eliminates any form of physical hangover you might feel from smoking.
  1. It Is Discreet
Generally, vaporizers are more discreet to use in public than smoking a joint. The very faint smell of dry herbs or weed fills the air for a few minutes before disappearing rather than that of a joint which follows you wherever you go, and it produces way less clouds. Although the few minutes lingering odour and little cloud produced can be avoided if you purchase a vaporizer that uses oil or wax concentrates.
Those babies are the perfect discreet vape pen and are the most ideal for crowded places like a concert.
The Cloud V F17, Linx Gaia vaporizer or the Boundless CF vaporizer is the perfect dry herb vaporizer UK for people who love dry herbs and being discreet. The Kandypens K Stick supreme would be the perfect companion for people who enjoy wax concentrates.
  1. The Flavour Notes of the Dry Herbs are more Pronounced
Like in coffee in which the more you roast the beans, the less likely you are to fully taste the flavours, dry herbs, and weed work the same way. Due to the dry herb or weed being heated up rather than being burnt to the height by a dry herb vaporizer UK or weed vaporizer UK, users of vaporizers are able to experience the true taste and flavour inherent in the herbs, a luxury not available to people who opt for smoking.
  1. It Saves You Money… In The Long Run
Although some dry herb vaporizers UK and weed vaporizers UK require an initial investment (there are also some that are relatively cheap like the black widow vaporizer), looking into the future, that initial investment will be minimal compared to the accumulation of the bits you have spent in the same span on smoking.
This is because, with vaporizers, you make use of less dry herbs to get the desired result than you would have if you were to smoke. Also, vaporizers ensure there are little or no waste of your weed and herbs in contrast to the amount of wastage that accompanies smoking a joint.
  1. Diversity
With the array of vaporizer producing companies out there in the world right now, it is little or no surprise that there is likewise an array of vaporizers in the vaporizer market. These various vape pens come in virtually all shape, size, and specifications.
Prefer a vaporizer that is big? Available, small? Available, not so cute? Available, large battery? Available, cheap or expensive? You bet your sweet behind it is available.
This diversity gives vaporizers the edge over smoking that doesn’t really have that option. Even better? Most of the dry herb vaporizer UK and weed vaporizer UK on the market are rechargeable by USB thus eliminating the need to find a lighter anytime you want to conduct your aroma therapeutic sessions.
  1. It Gives You More Pronounced Sessions
Isn’t that the whole point behind the initial argument that this chapter is about? To be able to conduct an aroma therapeutic session worthy of being called a session. Although, with a dry herb vaporizer UK or weed vaporizer UK or vaporizers in general, the desired effect might be delayed, causing you to feel the need to take more enjoyable puffs, when the punch kicks in, it is usually more pronounced and real than that which comes with smoking weed or dry herbs or other substances.
The world is evolving, and technology is the new cool, you should play your part and make sure you aren’t left behind. In lieu of the points provided above, it is only befitting that you drop the joint or blunt you just rolled, visit and order yourself a vaporizer to be used to conduct your aroma therapeutic sessions henceforth.


Linx Gaia UK
Vaporizers are becoming a household name, and almost everyone who values a good aroma therapeutic session in this era owns one. However, despite the fact that they own them, some individuals still don’t know what the awesome piece of technology on their hand is, they don’t know the endless features it has and all the things it is capable of doing.
All they know is their therapist prescribed this thing in the shape of a pen to help them conduct their aromatherapeutic sessions with.
If you fall under the above-mentioned category or under the category of people who are totally oblivious to what a vaporizer is, you are in luck as this chapter is dedicated to fully explaining what a vaporizer is and how it works.
If you are one who is already well versatile with a dry herb vaporizer UK or a weed vaporizer UK or any vaporizer whatsoever and how they work, broadening your knowledge by reading this chapter does no harm. No knowledge is a waste after all, you never know, you just might see something you are yet to know about your vaporizer.
Basically, a vaporizer pen is a device that can be used for aroma therapeutic sessions as it releases the active components and therapeutic compounds inherent in dry herbs, other plant materials, and wax concentrates.
Rather than burning the herbs or concentrates and producing smoke which in turn leads to various harmful by-products, vaporizers use a high-tech feature to heat the herbs or concentrates at a temperature low enough to enable the active ingredients and compounds inherent in the herbs or concentrates create a somewhat aromatic vapor in place of smoke.
Due to the avoidance of combustion technique in the whole process, the aromatic vapor produced by vaporizers reduces to a large extent harmful and toxic gases while also containing close to none particulate matter.
Simply put without any of the confusing terms above, a vaporizer pen is a high technology device that uses a convection and conduction rather than a combustion technique to heat up dry herbs and concentrates at a low temperature. This process ensures that the dry herbs or concentrates are not burned thus producing no smoke.
The vapor might look a lot like smoke but don’t let that fool you into believing it actually is as it contains none of the harmful components present in smoke. I know what you are thinking ‘If vapor doesn’t contain smoke, what then does it contain?’ I shall now address your curiosity.
Plants and trees have been said to have inherent in them a couple and some more pretty volatile oils which comes out as being pleasant to our noses. That sweet smell you perceive when you walk through a forest or a path of well-groomed trees is actually the smell of the oils secreted by the trees rather than the leaves as most people believe.
Admittedly, while some of the oils inherent in trees might possess a not-so-pleasing smell or taste or feel, they are actually very resourceful and have a plethora of benefits on our overall health when used in the right way.
It is, in fact, these oils that are heated out in the form of vapor from the vaporizer.
This also explains to a large extent why the vapor is so aromatic and has such a nice smell. The health beneficial components in the emitted vapor is then inhaled by individuals using the dry herb vaporizer uk or the weed vaporizer uk during their aroma therapeutic sessions thus making them benefit from the various benefits associated with it.
So, to answer the initial question… vapor doesn’t contain smoke, it contains the oils inherent in the herbs and concentrates put inside the dry herb vaporizer UK.
Kandypens Miva UK
What then is a dry herb vaporizer?
Ordinarily, a dry herb vaporizer UK is a vaporizer that makes use of dry herbs rather than wax and oil concentrates. Nowadays, people tend to opt for wax concentrates vape pens.
If you do a quick survey, you will find out most of these people are those who have no idea whatsoever the plethora of benefits you can derive from using a dry herb vaporizer UK. The dry herbs used by the dry herb vaporizer UK or weed vaporizer UK are medicinal and more beneficial to the health than wax concentrates.
Asides that, dry herb vaporizers have other benefits to be derived from their usage such as the following:
The benefits of a dry herb vaporizer UK
  • Cleaner Inhalation: The vapor that comes out from the dry herb vaporizer UK is very thin when compared to smoke. This texture ensures you are able to inhale the vapor from your herbs easily without the normal feeling of irritation in strategic areas you’re your throat and lungs. As stressed earlier, vapor doesn’t contain any of the harmful toxins present in smoke as the dry herb vaporizer UK heats up the active ingredients present in the dried herbs rather than burning them.


  • Discreet: Using dry herb vaporizers to conduct your sessions enables you to be more discreet than when you use other methods such as smoking. This is made possible as the smell and vapor they produce is like child’s play when compared to that which smoking produces. A dry herb vaporizer would emit a scent that lasts for minutes (depending on the herbs you use and the temperature you heat them at) rather than the almost everlasting stank that comes with smoking. Save More Material: due to the fact that the dry herb vaporizer heats up our herbs rather than burning them, there is little to no wastage as every dried herb is heated up to be inhaled by the user. This is in sharp contrast to the technique of burning used by smoking which wastes lots of your quality herbs.


So far, we have been able to establish the fact that vaporizers are way better than smoking as it produces a clean and aromatic vapor that doesn’t contain any of the by-products inherent in smoke that is harmful to the lungs and heart by heating up rather than burning your herbs.
Also, with the dry herb vaporizer UK or weed vaporizer UK, you get the chance to enjoy your dry herbs discreetly without the whole world complaining about you stinking.
After knowing what a vaporizer is and why you should waste no further time in purchasing a dry herb vaporizer UK or a weed vaporizer UK, the next thing that ought to be on your mind should be to learn how the vaporizers work, so you don’t go purchasing and abandoning or damaging things because you don’t know how to operate it.
Don’t get me wrong, vaporizers generally aren’t at all hard to use and any person (of legal age) can pick it up and masterfully operate it with very little guidelines, however, it doesn’t hurt to know what goes on in the high tech device you have in your hands in addition to that which you might have about how the outside works.
We all know that vaporizers work by heating up the dried herbs to a certain degree of temperature so I won’t bother wasting both our times by explaining that whole process again. I will tell you things you don’t know like how vaporizers actually use one of two methods to carry out the heating up process namely:
  • The Conduction Method: In this method, your herbs or concentrates are heated up by interacting with something that is already hot.
  • The Convection Method: In this method, your herbs or concentrates are made hot by having hot air blown over them.

Dry Herb Vaporizer UK

The Conduction technique was the initial method used when vaporizers were introduced and is what you are bound to find in the older vaporizers. The technique worked pretty decently, but like virtually all innovations, it had its problems.
For a vaporizer to be termed a vaporizer, it should perform the basic function of one – heat up the active ingredients present in the materials put in it rather than burn them. As you might have already guessed, the conduction technique was only able to heat up the active ingredients of the part of the material put in it that is touching the hot material thus leaving the rest untouched.
If you try increasing the temperature, you would successfully heat up other parts of the herbs, but you would end up overheating and burning the part that was originally in contact with the hot material. And what have we been saying since? Once burning is involved, it isn’t vaporization, and that is in fact what is wrong with the conduction technique.
Due to the flaws that came with the conduction method, when the more reliable convection method was introduced, there was much celebration in the vape world.
The convection method uses a more modernized approach, using heated air to boil the active ingredients inherent in the herbs. This way, the vaporization process is more even and every nook and cranny of the dry herbs, even the ones that might play a little hide and seek in the centre. However, like everything that has a pro, this method also has its con – it requires a high technological feature to work, and you know what that means… vaporizers that use the convection method are more expensive.
So if you are mixing up the two words, and you are looking for an easy way to differentiate the two methods, just remember that the conduction is the old, flawed and cheap one while the convection method is the flawless, perfect, and expensive one.
Now, there are basically two types of vaporizers – dry herb vaporizers and wax vaporizers. Each vaporizer uses different materials and works differently as shall be explained below:
  • Dry herb vaporizers
As explained in the earlier chapter, a dry herb vaporizer UK or weed vaporizer UK is one which was designed to heat up the essential oils present in dry herbs rather than wax concentrates. They are pretty easy to operate as all they require to get ready to conduct your aroma therapeutic session is minimal.
Put on the vaporizer by pressing the button designated for that purpose, select your preferred temperature setting by toggling the buttons designated for that purpose, sit back and wait for the weed vaporizer UK to carry out its conduction or convection process (the time this takes varies from vaporizer to vaporizer) and you are ready to go!
Kandypens Gravity UK
  • Wax vaporizers
Wax vaporizers are vaporizers that are kind of similar to e-cigarettes and have been specially designed to enable users to enjoy waxy oils and concentrate in a discreet manner. They are usually in a shape similar to that of an office pen thus making them easily concealable in one’s palm as well as in the pocket, the perfect vaporizers to be used to conduct aroma therapeutic sessions anywhere you might be.
Unlike the weed vaporizer UK which comes with numerous buttons a times, wax vaporizers come with only one button that will be used to carry out all its various functions thus making them extremely easy to operate.
All you need to do is click the button a certain number of times (that would be made known on the user’s manual as they tend to vary from wax vaporizer to wax vaporizer) to put the unit on and off, and choose temperature settings
Wax vaporizers are made specifically to cater for people who prefer to conduct their aroma therapeutic sessions with waxy oils and concentrates rather than dry herbs.
Generally, using either a dry herb vaporizer UK or a wax vaporizer has a plethora benefits associated with it to prove that it is a better alternative to smoking.
However, these plethora of benefits are somewhat marred by some disadvantages. We shall take a look at both the advantages and disadvantages in this chapter.
Advantages of Using a Vaporizer
  • Save money
While purchasing some vaporizers especially the larger and more sophisticated ones might require some sort of initial investment much more than that which you would use to purchase and roll your typical blunt, in the long run, it pays off.
This is possible because the dry herb vaporizer UK or weed vaporizer UK helps save your herbs by consuming minimal amount and minimising wastage to the lowest.
When you do a calculation of the total amount you’ve spent on dry herbs or concentrates over time and add it to the amount you bought your vape pen, and compare the total to the amount you would have spent on dry herbs and blunts over the same period, you would find out that vaporizers are actually the cheaper alternative.
  • Discreet
This is especially the most famous benefit associated with vaporizer usage and actually my favourite. With the weed vaporizer UK, you can conduct your aroma therapeutic session in your car, step out a few minutes after and no one would have a clue as to what you were up to.
This is made possible as the vapor that vaporizers produce have nice odours and don’t linger for more than a few minutes unlike the stank of smoking that turns your beards, hair, breath, and clothes to its permanent abode.
Also, with the various sizes of vaporizers available, one could easily get an extremely one as a companion and vape virtually anywhere (even at an overcrowded concert) without overly disturbing the people around.
  • Health benefits
Vaporizers usage have been said to have numerous health benefits. For one, it exposes the body to way less harmful by-products than smoking does as it heats up the materials rather than burning them thus creating vapour rather than the harmful substance – smoke.
In extension to this, vaporizers, by producing vapour instead of smoke eliminates the possibility of inhaling a large amount of smoke thus causing little to no irritation to the throat and lungs.
There are also sources that say that by switching to vaping from smoking, you could actually reset your system and undo all the respiratory symptoms that arose due to smoking.
  • Give up smoking
Using vaporizers is a direct and healthier alternative to smoking. This means that it could be used to sufficiently sustain individuals who are addicted to smoking but want to stop due to the damage it does to their bodies.
The dry herb vaporizer UK is a cleaner and healthier alternative that would serve as a means to provide them with what they need to keep their addiction at bay while saving them from all the damage that is bound to befall them if they were to continue smoking.
  • Pain relief
Pain especially the chronic ones can be a real issue in the human body. While there are several pain killers and opioids available, not everyone enjoys taking drugs or remembers to take them. Also, these drugs might not fully suppress the pain but you might be scared to pop an extra pill or two for added effect due to the possibility of you overdosing.
However, with some vaporizers that have been made with certain herbs and oils proven to relief one of pains, you can wave goodbye to all of these.
You can vape for as long as your dry herb vaporizer UK's battery last, take a break to charge and continue till you are free of pain without any iota of fear in the world. They also provide a fun way for pain relief than drugs.
  • Social anxiety
Social anxiety can be said to be the feeling of uneasiness and nervousness when one is in a social gathering or having social interaction. Lots of people suffer from this disorder that makes them withdraw or shy away from being in public places or interacting with people they aren’t familiar with.
However, research has shown that the weed vaporizer UK or any vaporizer at that could help increase people’s confidence and help them cure the feeling of anxiety they experience in public places.
  • Dental health
It is public knowledge that the smoke produced as a result of smoking not only affects the lungs but can also cause serious damage to the teeth, gums, and mouth in general.
Switching to the cleaner and healthier alternative that is vaping helps one prevent this occurrence. The vapor produced by vaporizers contains virtually no harmful toxins and will do no harm to your teeth
  • Insomnia
Vaporizers have also been established to cure one of insomnia. Insomnia is the inability of an individual to get any or sufficient enough sleep. The disorder is suffered by a number of individuals and occasionally happens to others due to one reason or the other.
It has been proven that some certain herbs can, in fact, cure insomnia and make people who suffer from it sleep like a baby. So basically, all you need to do if you suffer from insomnia is to purchase a dry herb vaporizer UK or weed vaporizer UK along with any of the dry herbs proven to cure insomnia and conduct your aroma therapeutic sessions.
  • Migraines
Migraines are very severe headaches that usually affects only one side of the head. They usually happen with vomiting, nausea, and visual disturbances. A migraine attack can totally disable an individual till it passes.
Vaporizers have been said to have the capability to relieve an individual of nausea and even cure migraines if taken almost immediately the attack happens.
The vapor helps calm a migraine sufferer down by relieving him or her of the stress and anxiety that comes with the attack. That is the whole purpose of aroma therapeutic sessions in the first place after all.
  • Asthma
Asthma is a long-term respiratory condition that causes unexpected complications to the ability of an individual to breathe perfectly normally. The attacks could lead to death if not attended to quickly. Therefore, asthma patients are usually advised to steer clear of things that could trigger the attack such as cold air and dust.
The normal way to cure a person who is under an asthma attack is to let him inhale the medicine contained in the inhaler prescribed to him by the hospital. Inhaling the vapor of the active ingredients heated up by the weed vaporizer UK is a welcome improvisation for when the inhaler is not readily available.
It is important to note however that using vaporizers to cure asthma should be something you use in a dire case of emergency as the vapor doesn’t get to the bottom of the respiratory airways, making it a less effective alternative than the inhaler.
Disadvantages of Using a Vaporizer
The disadvantages associated with using a vaporizer are in no way as many as the advantages.
The only disadvantage noticed in the use of vaporizers is the fact that it tends to cause caffeine sensitivity and mood swings to new users. This can be remedied by reducing one’s intake of caffeine till your body gets used to the vaporization process.
However, the main disadvantage of using a vaporizer is the fact that scientists are yet to find out long-term effects associated with it. So don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and have a cloud of vapor in place of hair, imagine how we would all look like.


Grizzly Eclipse vaporizer UK
  • Dry Herb Vaporizers
As discussed in chapter three, the dry herb vaporizer UK or weed vaporizer UK is one which was designed to heat up the essential oils present in dry herbs rather than wax concentrates.
However, there are various types of dry herb vaporizers in the market, and we shall enable you to differentiate them from one another.
  1. Dual Use Vaporizers
  2. Battery vaporizers
  3. Butane vaporizers
  4. Portable vaporizers
  5. Desktop vaporizers
  1. Dual Use Vaporizer: These are vaporizers that, as their name implies, can perform more than one function. These vaporizers can be used to vaporize dry herbs as well as concentrates, and even the occasional e-liquids.
Dual use vaporizers have features such as replaceable tanks and multiple ovens that enables them to carry out multiple functions. They come in various sizes ranging from desktop to pens.
  1. Battery Vaporizers: Simply put, Battery Vaporizers are vaporizers that are battery powered. Some come with removable batteries while others come with inbuilt batteries. Due to the battery being their primary source of power, the batteries are usually very powerful, and an individual can enjoy numerous sessions off a single charge. They also come with micro USBs to facilitate charging of the battery when it is flat.
  1. Butane Vaporizers: These Vaporizers are vaporizers that run on convection heating technique, not battery powered and are usually cheaper than their battery-powered portable vaporizers counterparts that run on the same convection heating method.
  1. Portable Vaporizers: Portable Vaporizers are arguably the most popular and purchased type of dry herb vaporizer UK. They serve as excellent companion for people who love to travel and vape. It is too stressful to carry about the large sized vaporizer when travelling thus the need to purchase a vaporizer that can somewhat directly replace the former albeit smaller. Portable vaporizers are bigger than vape pens but are still preferred over the latter because they provide more quality and pronounced sessions
  1. Desktop Vaporizers: These vaporizers also known as stationary vaporizers are the type of vaporizers that are not small enough to be taken along with you on your trips. They are so big it only makes sense it has a permanent spot on your desk or table. People tend to go for these babies because of their vapour Desktop Vaporizers are famed for producing the best quality vapour one could possibly experience.
  • Wax Pens
To jog our memories, as defined in chapter three, wax pens are “vaporizers that are kind of similar to e-cigarettes and have been specially designed to enable users to enjoy waxy oils and concentrate discreetly. They are usually in a shape similar to that of an office pen thus making them easily concealable in one’s palm as well as in the pocket, the perfect vaporizers to be used to conduct aroma therapeutic sessions anywhere you might be.”
Wax pens are usually made up of the following parts: a battery, an atomizer or heating chamber, and a mouthpiece. The atomizer or heating chamber found in wax pens can be one of the following types:
  • Wicked: best used with liquid wax concentrates
  • Wickless: best used with solid wax concentrates, and
  • The flat Atomizers
  • E-nails
These are types of wax vaporizers that employ electric components such as nails and rods to produce better and more defined clouds.
The nails ensure that people who are conducting aroma therapeutic sessions do so at a constant and controlled temperature. They are also called e-rigs.
The Dr. Dabber Boost and the Cloudv Electro are examples of high-quality e-nails



Using a vaporizer can be really daunting at times. Fortunately, we've provided some simple tips for you to become a vape pro.
In order to get the most Amazon result of your vape, ensure you let it reach the ideal temperature.
To get the best results out of your vaporizer, make sure you allow it some time to reach its ideal temperature. Take some time to preheat the vaporizer as you select and prepare the weed so you'll some thick and even draws.
You should make sure your bud has the needed moisture content when using a vaporizer, just like you make sure of it when smoking. This is needed because vapes work effectively at lower temperatures, and do not heat the weed with a flame.
Before loading the chamber, try to inspect the weed to make sure its moisture content is not beyond normal. Here is how to do this- press a bud with your fingers and see how it responds to the touch.
For you to get the best with your vape, you should ensure the weed is properly grounded. We advise you use a high-quality grinder, but it's fine to use any other method as long as it'll grind the weed evenly and also form a medium-fine grind.
Don’t go extra miles and grind the weed into really fine powder because it won't vaporize well. You should also not stick the entire bud in the chamber to avoid bad results. To get an even vaporization, you need to grind the weed evenly.
Most novice vapers make a mistake of not packing enough weed into the chamber. You have to make sure the vape chamber is tightly packed properly to produce heavy and thick draws.
The quantity of weed to pack into the vaporizer chamber depends solely on the size of the chamber. It's a rule of thumb to pack weed into the chamber until it's full, then compress slightly with the tip of your fingers. Do not forget that vaporizers are quite fragile, so try not to press too hard.
Always keep in mind that vaping isn't similar to smoking a joint or bong. Don't try to take fast and deep draws like you'd do when taking a bong. You should also avoid taking little puffs like you'd do when taking draws on the end of the joint. Rather, you should relax and take shallow and steady breaths and be careful to draw the vapor into your lungs and mouth.
Also, don't try to hold the vapor in your lungs for too long with the aim of getting higher. Some research done in Australia typically suggests that most tetrahydrocannabinol in cannabis is absorbed within the first few seconds that it's being inhaled. So, you shouldn't waste time trying to look like a puffer fish.
  1. Prepare your concentrate for the loading process by gathering a small quantity on the rear of a dab tool. With most vaping pens, you’ll probably want to load a BB-sized amount of concentrate at a go or approximately 0.1g. Depending on how consistent your extract is and the depth of the coil, you might even be able to add a little on the tip of your finger to load it.
  2. Apply your concentrate gently on top of the coil and be careful not to let the dab tool make contact with the coil.
  3. Before you start vaping, “try to prime the wick”, which melts down the wax onto and around the coil- this helps the pen to produce better vapor and even more steady hits from the beginning. You necessarily don’t have to carry this out with every vape, but not doing it sometimes make you feel like the oil is vaping away quicker than it should, especially the first few draws you take after packing it.
  4. Vape away!
  1. Use fresh herb
  2. Get the grind right
  3. Check the temperature
  4. Pack tight, but not TOO tight
  5. Preheat the vape
  6. Inhale the vapor slowly and lightly
  7. Try to avoid combustion
  8. Maintain the vape properly
Rasta Grinder UK
Grinders are used to break down the herb into smaller particles. Taking out the stems of the herb must be carried out before you begin to grind. The different level of grinding will yield different results depending on how you like your vapor.
With most vaporizers, you get an effective performance when you grind the herb to medium-fine. If you’ll be using a 4-piece metal grinder, you should pack the herb in the lid and turn the grinder upside-down when grinding, make sure you hold it. Doing this mimics the work of a 2-piece grinder and even makes it finer than usual.
Not all vapes require you to grind finely, but if you are experiencing some troubles with getting good vapor, you should try grinding finely.
  1. Use cleaning solution (isopropyl Alcohol is recommended)
  2. Let it soak in
  3. Get some useful accessories to save time (pipe cleaners, cotton swaps, grime wipes, paper towels, etc.)



In this chapter, we shall take a look at and do a little review on the best dry herb vaporizer UK or weed vaporizer UK in different categories
  1. Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under £50
Black Widow Vaporizer UK
The Black Widow dry herb vaporizer UK is arguably the best in this category. Contrary to what you might think that due to the price point, it should be small, the black widow is actually miles away from being a portable vaporizer.
Its size can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you spin it. For sure you can’t easily carry about neither can you shield it away from the world by hiding it in your palm or pocket but the size actually ensures that all important components to enable the unit to produce quality vapor are intact.
With the black widow, users are unable to choose their preferred temperatures as it comes with five already pre-set temperature settings. The settings chosen are those which are most popular and ideal for the heating up of your dry herbs or concentrates.
The black widow is a classy vaporizer, donning a smooth design and exterior complemented by an attractive spider logo. It is definitely a recommended buy for those who are on a budget.
  1. Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under £100
Boundless CF UK
The Boundless CF vaporizer is the younger brother to the boundless cfx vaporizer. It is an elegant and stylish looking portable vaporizer. It weighs about 145 grams and comes with five pre-set temperature settings available for users to choose from along with a fast heat up time feature that makes sure you are ready to conduct aroma therapeutic sessions in as little as 22 seconds after putting the boundless cf vaporizer on.
The boundless cf vaporizer comes with an inbuilt and non-removable lithium-ion battery that boasts a capacity of 1300mah, takes about 2 hours to get fully charged, and charges only via a micro USB connection.
As far as dry herb vaporizer UK under the above range is concerned, the boundless cf vaporizer is extremely awesome, and you can be rest assured you would get only solid sessions with this weed vaporizer UK.
  1. Best Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • The Arizer Argo Vaporizer
Arizer ArGo Vaporizer UK
The Arizer Argo was designed to cater for individuals who are always on the move but enjoy vaping wherever they might find themselves.
Normally, for people like this, it would be difficult to carry about desktop vaporizers wherever they go, so the arizer argo was birthed! Despite its small size, the arizer argo maintains its quality and function.
Capable of being hidden in your palm and almost unseen in your pocket, the arizer argo perfectly packs portability, quality, and complemented by an elegant design to make it the best dry herb vaporizer UK out there on the market right now
  1. Best Desktop Vaporizer Under £200
  • The Arizer Extreme Q
Arizr Extreme Q UK
The Arizer Extreme-Q vaporizer is a dual purpose desktop vaporizer. This means that this desktop vaporizer can be used with either a long tube (whip) or the balloon style (a big bag).
If you are looking to start out vaping or seek to have the experience of more than one way of vaping, without necessarily purchasing multiple vaporizers, Extreme-Q vaporizer is the ideal vaporizer for you.
The Extreme-Q vaporizer should be used with extreme caution as it has with many glass parts which can easily break if not handled properly. Many glass parts also mean the Extreme-Q vaporizer gets hot easily. To fully enjoy the Extreme-Q vaporizer and ensure it stays fresh, you have to be ready to clean the unit regularly.
Regardless of what style you decide to vape with, the Extreme-Q vaporizer produces high-quality vapour and is bound to provide users with top-notch aroma therapeutic sessions.
  1. Best Desktop Vaporizer
  • VapeXhale Vaporizer
VapeXhale Cloud EVO UK
From the manufacturers of the vapeXhale cloud, comes this trending and sophisticated cloud Evo desktop vaporizers. The cloud Evo desktop vaporizer comes with a hand-crafted artisanal glass Hydra tubes that is styled specially for its unique purposes and uses.
Due to its remarkable combination of both concentrates and herbs, Evo has become globally known in the desktop vape market. Evo provides an even distribution of heat throughout the stainless steel chambers included. With its patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology combined with a fully adjustable temperature control, 200-500°F (93-260°C), users can be sure that they will get a desirable and satisfactory feeling.
The Cloud Evo desktop vaporiser is highly recommendable for use due to all its exceptional properties and components. Don’t misquote me, the vape Xhale vapour is equally good, but the advanced and new modification of the cloud evo desktop vaporizer hence makes it one of the best desktop vaporizers out there now.
  1. Best Wax Pen Under £100
  • KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vaporizer
Kandypens Ice Cream Man UK
The kandypens vaporizer is not just a cool but also awesome cloud puffing vapor concentrate on the market. Providing you with large thick creamy cloud of vapor for desert, the ice cream man vapor will definitely get you that exceptional feel.
In addition to its exquisite, stylish design, the ice cream man vaporizer has its unique and advanced improved components and compartments to give users that exceptional quality and performance. The Kandypens Ice Cream Man Vaporizer features a dual quartz rod atomizer with a titanium coil of exceptional best quality.
Not forgetting its smooth and satin feel makes you want to hold it so long. The vape charges via USB and features a variable voltage 510 battery. This features makes it far high above any vape known in the vape market. A session, no matter the duration, with this dry herb vaporizer UK is guaranteed to give you an excellent and exquisite vapor fragrance… If this doesn’t capture your fancy, trust me no other vapor will.
  1. Best Butane / Flame Vaporizer
  • Sticky Brick Junior
Stick Brick Junior UK
The Sticky brick junior vaporizer is another addition to the gorgeous and efficient vaporizers collection of sticky brick. The sticky brick junior, like the ones before it, is of high quality and efficiency. Its robust outlook coupled with its ability to produce very heavy and thick clouds of the highest quality makes the sticky brick junior one of the company’s best and most famous vaporizers.
The sticky brick junior maintains its ability to effortlessly produce clean and tasty vapour thanks to the top-notch Simax borosilicate glass that accompanies it. It is also straightforward to use and can be operated by virtually anyone. What makes the sticky brick junior stand out from the rest vaporizers is the high quality and pure vapour it produces.
  1. Best Portable E-nail
  • Dabber Boost Black Edition
Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition UK
The new member of the dr dabber boost ever growing edition – the Dr Dabber boost black edition is a highly effective and efficient e-nail vaporizer. Dr. Dabber specifically designed the boost black to be sleeker, more stylish and of course better than its predecessor – the boost edition. Known for being the producers of the first battery-powered vapes that makes use of a titanium domeless nail. The titanium domeless nail is in many ways similar to that which you would find in a traditional glass vape.
If you seek a portable battery powered e-nail that would enable you conduct your aroma therapeutic anywhere you get the urge, the dr dabber boost black edition is the ideal vaporizer for you.

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Vape Monster City | Dry Herb Vaporizer UK Shop

With Dry Herb Vaporizer UK popularity growing Vape Monster City is proud to be bringing you some of the world's finest vapes and putting them all in one place. We take a lot of pride in sourcing some of the best Dry Herb Vaporizer devices from around the world and getting them straight to your door. 

About Vape Monster City's Dry Herb Vaporizers

Our Vapes are sourced straight from the supplier through the source known to be the most trusted vape wholesaler in the world. You can rest assured when you buy from the Vape Monster you will be getting the genuine product and not a cheap knock off. Whether you are looking for a dry herb vaporizer for beginners or you are a seasoned professional vaper looking for something a little more extravagant and high tech, we have what you are looking for. Just to clarify it doesn't stop at just herbal vaporizers as we stock everything from concentrate vape pens, portable vaporizers to desktop monsters. Water tools, Grinders, you name it we stock it!  

About Vape Monster City UK

The Staff behind the curtains of Vape Monster City have a keen interest in the UK dry herb vaporizer scene and culture. All of us growing up have been enjoying the herb ourselves for many years and as we grew older and we like to think along the way a little wiser, upon hearing about the new kid on the block "The dry herb vaporizer" it was time to turn our unhealthy and extremely enjoyable hobby into a healthy one, by dropping the way our bodies absorbed the beloved herb and concentrates we all love. So away went the rolling papers and out came the dry herb vaporizer! Very much a vape beginner a couple of years ago, I like to think here at Vape Monster City we now truly know what we are talking about and have since put a lot of effort and time getting the very best vapes from around the world and bringing them here to the UK. We really enjoy what we are doing and feel grateful to have jumped onto the scene early, to see the UK dry herb vaporizer well and truly grow from almost nothing and then to explode into a large community of avid UK vapers wanting the best dry herb vaporizer they can get their hands on. This alone has helped the movement grow and because of this so many companies have noticed there is a keen interest and are jumping in head first with many actually innovating and improving the design and function of the herbal vaporizer we know and indeed love to use. When I started Vape Monster City the pickings were slim, the choice out there was small. The companies out there at the time were kicking out some great stuff but there just wasn't many out there doing it. At the start all that was really available were a few portable dry herb vaporizers and desktop herb vaporizers. A couple of years have flown by and now Vape Monster City have grown to an online store full of pages overflowing with everything from dry herb vaporizer pens, Concentrate pens, E-nail vaporizers and a formidable range of portable dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vaporizers and hybrid vaporizers of the portable and desktop variety. The rise of the vaporizer doesn't seem to be slowing down and Vape Monster City will continue to source the finest of them out there to add to the ranks. Our Goal is to become the No.1 go to store for your vape needs. We have some heavy competition already, we are a small family business and still have full time jobs to contend with, while running the vaporizer store in our not so spare time. But this is our true passion and we are committed to see our beloved hobby become our job. A quote that has always stuck with me from Confucius "Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have to Work a Day in Your Life". We strive to give you the customer, the best experience possible by promptly processing your orders and getting them out to the customer ASAP with the majority of our orders getting to your doorstep the very next day. We admit sometimes due to our day jobs and busy schedule of shipping and processing orders to get out on time, we are not always available to answer our phone but leave us a message and as long as we have a contact number or Email address to respond to we will always get back to you as soon as possible. As mentioned before we love the dry herb vaporizer biz and we really hope it shows, we are a highly motivated bunch and we are eager to impress.

Dry Herb Vaporizers for Beginners

Just like Toys are Us we have everything under one roof including some great dry herb vaporizer pens and portable units perfect for the person fresh to the scene. The world of the dry herb vaporizer can be really confusing to someone that has giving up smoking and looking for something to convert them to the healthy option of vaping his medicine. There are many a dry herb vaporizer and concentrate vaporizer available on the Vape Monster Store that are extremely easy to operate and will have you vaping with the best of them in no time. If you have any trouble converting to the vapeside, or are having trouble understanding which unit would be best suitable for your needs or even have trouble with the dreaded instructions and need some advice, we are always there at the Vape Monster City to provide advice and to help get you happily vaping on your way. Say goodbye to the rolling papers and coughing up flem and enjoy the healthy benefits of taking your medicine with a new shiny dry herb vaporizer.

The benefits of converting your lifestyle to a dry herb vaporizer

The benefits are huge! The majority of what makes smoking so unhealthy isn't really the nicotine that everyone seems to think and suggest, but the process of combustion. When you light the end of that paper stick you are essentially setting fire to your herbs and everything else inside the rolling paper and thus creating a mass of extremely toxic carcinogens including a great deal of tar that upon inhaling is absorbed into your poor lungs, it makes me want to cough just talking about it. Yes you are getting the benefits of your beloved herb but also the negatives of the combustion process at the same time. The main purpose of a good quality dry herb vaporizer is first and foremost to not burn your herbs but to vaporize it instead. A good example to display the difference of smoking vs. vaporizing is to imagine smoking as you lighting up the barbecue and throwing the burgers on, being that we live in the UK and spend little time honing our BBQ skills to a fine art the burgers are soon burnt to a crisp due to the flames directly hitting them and scorching them black. Whereas you’re dry herb vaporizer is more like a good oven gently heating your food without burning it. So when your herbs are in the vaporizers heating chamber instead of burning it directly it simply heats it gently and instead of inhaling a lung full of carcinogenic Smokey nastiness you get smooth vapor instead, keeping all the medicinal goodness and leaving the rest behind.

Why should I buy my dry herb vaporizer from Vape Monster City

As mentioned before this is something we truly enjoy and have gone to turn something we love doing into our job. We are here for your sales needs as well as your after sales needs we want your Vape Monster City experience to be a good one. We are a small family Business that still have our feet firmly on the ground and know the customer satisfaction is everything. Whether you need some help with your new purchase or advice on what to buy we are here for you. If you are looking for an affordable and cheap dry herb vaporizer to test the waters with or the best dry herb vaporizer money can buy, The Vape Monster City is there to accommodate.

If you have any questions for Vape Monster City please feel free to contact us.

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