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    The Vape Monster Blog

    What kinds of vaporizer best suits you?

    What kinds of vaporizer best suits you?

    What kinds of vaporizer best suits you?


    We live in a wonderfully technologically advanced age, but if you're making the switch to vaping weed instead of smoking it, choosing the right vaporizer for you could be a little more tricky than you'd expect. There are all kinds of different options out there and it can be quite overwhelming if you're embarking on vaping dry herb for the first time. With so many devices to choose from, how can you pick the one that best suits your vaping style and preferences? Here, we look at which vaporizer is best for different lifestyles so that you can make an informed choice.


    Deskop Vaporizers – Best For People Who Vape At Home


    These large vaporizers stay plugged into a socket in your home and so are best suited to people who one vape weed in the comfort of their own house. Since they are too big to carry out and need to have a convenient wall outlet available to power them up, these vaporizers are pretty much restricted to indoor use.


    These devices feature a bag or mouthpiece which fills up with vapor, allowing you to inhale at the pace you prefer. While these aren't the best vapes for anyone who just wants a quick single hit, they're ideal if you like to share or if you'd normally vape a lot on your own.


    While these vaporizers are too big to take out and about with you, they offer the great benefit of being some of the most technologically advanced devices on the market today. Of course, that does depend on how much you are prepared to pay. Top level devices can prove pretty costly, but they do offer precise adjustable temperature controls so that you can achieve the exact effect you require, and high quality table top vaporizers also produce excellent flavor when compared with other types, so you'll enjoy vapor which remains true to the natural aroma of the flower. Devices like the Arizer Extreme Q are ideal for vaping at home and will offer you a great experience.


    Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers – Best For Vaping Herb On The Move


    These small vaporizers are powered by a battery and have a chamber in which you can pack your dry herb. These compact devices are great for popping in your pocket or bag and taking out and about with you wherever you want to go, however the trade-off is that they do have a more limited functionality. Many only have a fixed temperature which may prove to be too hot to enjoy flavorful terpenes, while others do enable you to change the heat settings but without the ability to choose a particular temperature. You should still be able to enjoy a good quality of flavor and a good effect, although choosing a device with customizable temperatures is preferred over a fixed temperature gadget. A device such as the Davinci IQ are ideal for getting a hit while out of the house.


    Portable Concentrate Pens – Best For Those On A Budget


    These compact vaporizers are powered by a battery and are similar to a dry herb vaporizer but use oil instead. These affordable devices can easily fit into any budget and are extremely portable, meaning you can take it anywhere with you. As they are also very discreet, you can vape stealthily pretty much anywhere you like. Some even don't need you to load or unload the produce since everything comes packaged neatly in a pre-loaded cylinder, although others allow you to fill up with oil yourself. These pen-style vaporizers are pretty popular since the batteries are cheap and you get a smooth hit from the oil. While there may be a few issues regarding leakage and battery lifespan, most devices are pretty reliable and user friendly. A device such as the Kandypens Slim Kit represents an affordable way of vaping on the go.


    What's The Best Temperature For Vaping Dry Herb?

    What's The Best Temperature For Vaping Dry Herb?

    What's The Best Temperature For Vaping Dry Herb?


    When you smoke Dry Herb, temperature control isn't something you need to think about, however when you make the switching to vaping, you'll find that playing around with adjustable temperature controls is a fantastic way of changing the effect you experience and customizing it to suit your preferences. Getting the temperature right will make sure that your device vaporizes the terpenes and cannabinoids efficiently so that you can enjoy the best possible vaping experience.


    When vaping dry herb, experts have discovered that the perfect temperature is around 347 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit (or 175 to 200 degrees Celsius), however some studies have shown that the finest balance between achieving a smooth vapor and getting an efficient evaporation of cannabinoids and terpenes occurs at 210 degrees Celsius.


    High Or Low Temperatures?


    If you vape weed below the temperature of 180 degrees Celsius (356 degrees Fahrenheit) you will mostly be inhaling terpenes since cannabinoids cannot evaporate at such a low temperature. However these lower temperatures are perfect for those looking for a less intense experience. A higher temperature will give you more cannabinoids with better extraction of THC occurring at around 446 degrees Fahrenheit or 230 degrees Celsius. It's important to be aware that vaping at a higher temperature than 455 degrees Fahrenheit (235 degrees Celsius) will cause the vapor to have a harsh taste.


    Adjusting Temperatures For THC and CBD Content


    While there are many users who believe that adjusting the temperature that they vape at will help them to experience the effect of either THC or CBD more, this probably doesn't make a lot of difference. This is because these two cannabinoids have boiling points which are just 10 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit) apart, and the majority of vaporizers don't have those levels of accuracy. In order to experience the effect of both THC and CBD, you should set your vaping device to a temperature of around 210 degrees Celsius (410 degrees Fahrenheit) and this should result in a pleasurable experience.


    What Else To Bear In Mind


    When thinking about adjusting your vaping temperature to customize your experience, there are some other things to bear in mind. For example, one of the factors to consider is how much moisture is in your dry herb since when it is heated in a vaporizer any water remaining in the plant will be boiled off first. Another element to keep in mind is the kind of vaporizer you are using as a convection style device such as the Da Buddha desktop vaporizer will be a lot more efficient since heat will be transferred in a more direct way. If you choose a conduction-style vaporizer such as a vape pen, you may find that hotspots are produced and this can make it tricky to maintain a level temperature.


    Now that you know more about adjusting your vaping temperature to achieve your desired effect, you can make sure that you enjoy the experience that best suits you, whether that be the subtle relaxing effect of a low temperature vape or the intense euphoria you can experience with a higher temperature vape.

    Health Effects Of Vaping

    Health Effects Of Vaping

    Health Effects Of Vaping

    Many people have recently expressed their opinion that vaping weed is much safer than smoking it, however since it is a relatively new phenomenon, many others are still unconvinced that making the switch is the right way forward. Will it work just as well as the traditional methods of smoking, or would vaping just be a waste of time and money? In this article, we take a look at how vaping weed compares to smoking dry herb so that you see whether you could benefit from making the change.

    How Does Vaping Impact On Your Body?

    Almost everyone is aware these days that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking tobacco, but for people who smoke weed, the benefits may not immediately be so clear. After all, smoking dry herb isn't nearly as dangerous as smoking tobacco, however it is still important to note that whatever you happen to be smoking, you are still taking in a whole lot of toxins into your body. The process of combusting weed generates tar as well as a bunch of other known carcinogens, and while these have not actually been proven as yet to cause lung cancer, they can certainly cause lung conditions like chronic bronchitis. If you switch to vaping, you will eliminate this problem since vaporizers heat the herb at a much lower temperature than it would be heated during combustion and this produces a vapor which can be inhaled and which contains all of the active ingredients, just without any unpleasant by-products which could harm your health. When you smoke a joint you are burning the weed at a temperature of around 2012 degrees whereas vaping only heats the herb to around 338 degrees, and vaporizing weed removes around 95% of smoke which would otherwise be inhaled. Not only that, but the process of vaporization increases the amount of terpenoids produced which has an anti-inflammatory action to protect the body and lungs from any irritation.

    Positive Effects of Vaping

    Many people find that when they smoke weed they hold the smoke in their lungs for longer in an attempt to improve the effect. However it is this very factor that can harm the health even more since it causes extra irritation to the lung lining due to the noxious chemicals which have extra time in which to be absorbed. When vaping weed, it is recommended to take shallow, small puffs in order for the full effect to be experienced. 95% of the THC content is absorbed by the body in just the first few seconds after inhaling when using a vaporizer, so you can feel the effect much more rapidly.

    Although vaping weed is a relatively new phenomenon, it is easy to see why it has caught on so fast, especially among those of us who are health-conscious enough to want to choose a less potentially harmful way to get our fix. Convenient, user friendly and effective, using a vaporizer is a great alternative to smoking weed and once you've given it a try, you're bound to enjoy the benefits.

    Tips To Extend Your Vaporizer's Lifespan

    Tips To Extend Your Vaporizer's Lifespan

    Tips To Extend Your Vaporizer's Lifespan


    Although investing in a high quality vaporizer represents the best value for money, even the best kit won't last forever, and when they break down prematurely, it is often because they become dirty and clogged due to a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. If your vaporizer isn't functioning properly you won't be able to enjoy the full benefit of the vaping experience. The good news is that there are some easy maintenance tips that you can put in place that will increase the lifespan of your vaporizer and which will save you money in the long run while ensuring that you still get a quality vape. Remember that the better you take care of your vaporizer, the longer it will last. Let's take a look at some simple maintenance steps for your dry herb vaporizer so that you can maximise its lifespan.


    Removing The Contents


    The first step to properly maintaining your vaporizer is to remove its heating chamber and ensure that it is completely empty by tapping is gently to remove any remaining contents. The next step is to use a cleaning brush to ensure that all of the dry particles have been removed from the screen and the chamber itself. A cleaning tool like the one in The Firefly Cleaning Kit is a great choice for getting your vaporizer spotless. Whatever you do, you should never use any water to clean either of these parts since it could damage the wirings inside which are delicate and fragile.


    Cleaning The Outside Of Your Vaporizer


    Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe down the outside of your vaporizer and then you can put the mouthpiece under some running water to rinse it clean. The mouthpiece is simple to clean, however it will also be the part of your vaporizer that is the dirtiest simply because it is the vapour pathway and because it attracts the majority of the residues due to its location beside the heating chamber. You can clean any dirt away from this area by using a cotton swab or cloth to gently wipe away residue. You may possibly want to use some rubbing alcohol to clean your vaporizer thoroughly, however you should always check its manufacturer's manual before you do. If you do decide to try this, ensure that it is rinsed in hot water afterwards.


    Caring For Your Battery


    If your vaporizer's battery isn't functioning properly it will have a shorter lifespan and will produce a poor level of performance. To get the most out of your vape, you need to maintain your battery properly to preserve its longevity. Batteries are often exposed to residue and dirt which can deteriorate it. To take care of it properly, you should always store your vaporizer upright, and make sure that the device and its battery chamber is always kept free from residue and dust. It should also be kept away from humid areas as this can also damage your vaporizer's battery. You should also always take care to use the power accessories supplied with your device in order to protect its electronic components and the battery itself.


    To Vape Or Not To Vape?

    To Vape Or Not To Vape?

    To Vape Or Not To Vape?


    While vaping dry herb is starting to rise in popularity in recent years, many people still aren't sure that it's the way forward. After smoking dry herb for so long, it can be difficult to see the benefits of making the switch and the idea of paying out for a quality vaporizer may be rather off-putting. However, there are a surprising number of benefits to making the change, and here we look at some of the reasons why you might want to try vaping.


    Health Benefits


    We all know that smoking tobacco causes a host of unpleasant health problems, from emphysema to lung cancer, however when it comes to smoking weed, the potential medical problems have not yet been proven and so many people may think that there is no benefit to switching to vaping instead. However, it's important to note that smoking anything involves the process of combustion, and this generates a host of harmful chemicals and tar which irritates your lungs leading to conditions like chronic bronchitis over time. Vaporizers are the ideal solution to this problem since they only heat the dry herb instead of combusting it. The vapour produced contains all of the active ingredients but none of the harmful by-products enter the body. With 95% of the smoke being removed via the vaporization process, vaping has to be a healthier alternative, and in fact, it can even increase the amount of terpenoids which are produced and these have anti-inflammatory properties to actually protect the lungs from being irritated.




    Anyone who smokes dry herb knows that the smell is a dead giveaway. Vaping produces less of a noticeable smell and looks much more discreet than smoking thanks to the compact design of portable vaporizers like the Ploom Pax 2. If you choose a vape pen using wax or oil you can vape extremely stealthily.


    Better Flavour


    Many people find that vaping weed allows them to taste the flavour notes of the herb much better due to the fact that it isn't being burned. You can enjoy a clean and clear taste.


    Value For Money


    Although you may invest quite a lot of money in your initial vaping gear, you will end up saving money in the long run since you won't need to burn as much in order to feel the effects. Vaporizers convert almost 50% of THC into vapour compared to a joint which can only convert around 25%. It is known to be a very efficient way of enjoying weed.


    User Friendliness


    There is plenty of choice when it comes to vaping merchandise and online stores like Vape Monster City have an impressive range to choose from in a host of sizes and shapes. As they are recharged via a USB cable they are super simple to use and they can be operated really simply, often just by pressing a single button. When you invest in a quality vaping device, you'll never need to carry around a lighter again.


    As you can see, there are a wealth of advantages in vaping weed instead of smoking it, so try vaping dry herb for yourself and you're bound to enjoy the many benefits.