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    Asthma And Vaping Weed – What You Need To Know

    Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer UK

    Asthma And Vaping Weed – What You Need To Know | Vaporizer UK

    Weed has been shown to have a positive effect on people with asthma, and many of its properties have been shown to alleviate the symptoms of the condition. However, some people are still worried that using weed could irritate their lungs and cause their breathing difficulties to become worse. So, what do asthmatic patients need to know about using weed? And how can they reduce the negative symptoms they could experience?

    Vaping – The Safer Choice | Vaporizer UK

    For asthmatics, smoking weed probably isn't a great idea, especially if their condition is especially severe. While edibles are a possibility, they take a long time to kick in and that means that, in the event of an asthma attach, they would not work quickly enough. Vaping, however, is the perfect choice for emergency use as well as for long term maintenance. Releasing cannabinoids into the body in an optimal way, vaping also reduces the risk to the lungs dramatically.

     Arizer Go 'ArGo' Vaporizer UK

    Choosing The Right Vaporizer | Vaporizer UK

    When choosing a vaporizer, it's important for an asthmatic vaper to get it right. A good quality device is essential since a poorly designed or manufactured device will fail to vaporise effectively. While a pen-style device may be tempting since it is exceptionally portable and convenient to use, a smaller vaporizer may not be such a good idea for asthmatics. However, for those who would rather steer away from table top devices for cost reasons or because they prefer to vape outside the home, there are a couple of portable devices which offer impressive performanc and which are highly recommended for vapers with asthma – the Crafty and the Mighty – both from Storz & Bickel, one of the best known high quality manufacturers in the industry.

    How To Vape Successfully | Vaporizer UK

    If you're vaping with asthma, you need to make sure that you're not just inhaling the right amount of vapour, but you're also inhaling effectively without causing more medical problems. A steady and slow vaping style is recommended, with calm, small hits, similar to sipping a milkshake. Developing a breathing type rhythm is helpful, with a single hit through your mouth to the count of three, holding in the vapour for a couple of seconds, exhaling and then 3 breaths through your nose.

    Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition UK

    Optimising Your Experience | Vaporizer UK

    After you've chosen the right vaping device for you and perfected your vaping rhythm, there are still a couple more things that you can do to make sure that you don't exacerbate your asthma symptoms while vaping. You should keep a cup or bottle of water close at hand and sip from it regularly to prevent a dry or itchy throat. You should also start vaping at a low temperature (180 C should be fine). If necessary, you an then work up to a higher temperature, but don't exceed 220 C as too hot an air flow isn't good for your lungs. You should also ensure that you have mesh filters in place to stop any small pieces of plant matter from entering the lungs. By keeping your equipment clean using a lint-free, alcohol-free cloth, you are also maximising your chances of a trouble free vaping experience

    Could Vaping Weed Help You To Give Up Smoking It?

    DaVinci IQ Vaporizer UK

    Could Vaping Weed Help You To Give Up Smoking It? | Vaporizer UK

    Giving up anything that you do a lot can be challenging, and if you're looking for an alternative to smoking weed, you're probably trying to find a way to get your hit without having to light up a joint. The good news is that vaping can present that ideal solution. The perfect substitute for smoking weed, it not only has a surprisingly familiar feel to smoking since it replicates a similar hand action, but it's also really easy to do and offers some real health benefits over combustion.

    How Does Vaping Affect Your Body? | Vaporizer UK

    Vaping is a very effective way of getting a hit without needing to smoke. Vapers can enjoy all of the same psychoactive or relaxing effects in their mind or body when vaping weed without any of the tar or harmful chemicals that are known to be toxic and carcinogenic that are produced through combustion when smoking entering the lungs or bloodstream.

    Black Widow Vaporizer UK

    Is Vaping Weed Any Different To Smoking It? | Vaporizer UK

    One of the main reasons why many people are switching to vaping weed is that it is much healthier than smoking it, however there are other benefits too. For a start, it is considerably more discreet when using weed in public – many ex-smokers now use vaping devices, and weed vaporizers look and operate in a very similar way so as to go unnoticed by members of the public. Pen style vaping devices such as the Kandypens Galaxy are the ideal way to vape weed when out and about without causing a stir. Also, vaporizers are able to eliminate any unwanted odour, so that you can enjoy vaping without attracting unwanted attention. Even better, if you're not a big fan of the woody, harsh taste that you can sometimes get while burning plant material, the good news is that, since vaping doesn't burn any of the material, the flavor you can enjoy is very clean and pure for a more pleasant experience all round. You can also expect to experience a slightly different high when vaping weed, with many people finding that it is more powerful.

    Is Vaping A Good Way To Quit Smoking Weed? | Vaporizer UK

    While there is no single answer to that question, as it is purely a matter of personal preference, some people have found that making the switch to vaping has been extremely beneficial in giving up smoking weed for good. Many tobacco smokers have already found that changing to vaping has helped them to kick their habit, and so it's no wonder that many weed users are trying it out for themselves to see if it can help them to improve their health without having to forgo their hit for good. Vaping weed offers many similar sensations to smoking it, with a familiar burning sensation experience in the throat as well as the same feeling when taking deep exhalations and inhalations as when smoking weed, and since the repetitive hand movements are also similar, it's easy to see why so many people have had such success in making the switch. As a more discreet and healthier way to enjoy weed, vaping has a lot to offer.


    Vaping Weed – The Latest Trend

    Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition Vaporizer UK

    Vaping Weed – The Latest Trend | Vaporizer UK

    At one time, there were only really two ways of enjoying weed – smoking it, or eating it. Now, however, there is a third choice available to those who are looking for greater variety and convenience. Vaping devices have become widespread among ex-smokers who are making the switch from tobacco, and now they have moved into use among the weed-using community too. Vaping weed is increasing in popularity year on year, but why are so many people choosing to invest in dry herb and concentrate vaping devices like the Boundless CF vaporizer instead of sticking with the tried and tested method of rolling a joint and smoking it? Here, we look at some of the main reasons why people are making the change.

    A Healthier Choice | Vaporizer UK

    Probably the main reason why vaping weed has risen in popularity over the last few years is because it is generally recognised to be safer than smoking it. Smoking standard tobacco cigarettes is already well known to cause a host of medical problems including heart and lung disease, and cancer. Although some people believe that smoking weed is not likely to cause the same kind of problems due to the fact that joints don't actually contain nicotine or other harmful chemicals found in commercially available cigarettes, in fact smoking any substance, regardless of what it is, can cause damage to the throat, lungs and respiratory system. Meanwhile, vaping weed ensures that the beneficial components of the plant are effectively dispersed through the body before any potentially damaging toxins are able to enter the system, making it a much safer choice for those who are keen to preserve their health and well-being.

    Grizzly Eclipse vaporizer UK

    Better Tast And Effect | Vaporizer UK

    Many people who vape weed have reported that they enjoy a more intense effect and a longer high. They have also frequently noticed that they enjoy a better taste when vaping and that the odour isn't as powerful, which is good news for anyone who wants to be discreet about their weed use without broadcasting the fact through a lingering smell on their clothing.

    Perfect For Newcomers | Vaporizer UK

    Those who are new to using weed often struggle with smoking it, since the deep inhales which are often used often cause throat irritations and coughing. Vaping, meanwhile, just needs short puffs of breath, and this minimises undesirable effects while still allowing the vaper to reap the benefits rapidly.

    QloudUph Nexus concentrate vaporizer UK

    Portability | Vaporizer UK

    Concentrates and oils are much easier to carry around than leaves and it can also be hidden much more easily if necessary. It's certainly a better option when travelling, since it's relatively hassle free and there isn't a lot of equipment to take along.

    No Mess | Vaporizer UK

    Rolling a joint can be a messy process, especially for novices, however vaping weed is a virtually mess-free process, making it an even better choice for newcomers.

    It's likely that the trend for vaping weed is going to become more popular over the years to come, especially when bearing in mind that it is becoming legal in more places around the world.

    Arizer Go 'ArGo' Vaporizer UK


    Can I Be Allergic To Weed? | Vaporizer UK

    Boundless CF Vaporizer UK

    Can I Be Allergic To Weed? | Vaporizer UK

    Millions of people suffer from all kinds of allergies, however an allergy to weed has to be one of the most irritating, especially if you like to use it on a regular basis. Although some people don't think that it's possible to have a weed allergy, in fact it is becoming a more widespread problem, especially in the USA where legalisation has been brought in throughout several states. While issues like hayfever and pet allergies are well known, an allergy to weed isn't necessarily something that you'd consider if you were having symptoms such as sore eyes or post nasal drip, but if you think you could be having an allergic reaction to the green stuff, you can find out more about why it can cause allergic reactions and what you can do to address the problem if you're suffering.

    Why Is Weed An Allergen? | Vaporizer UK

    The pollen grains of weed are similar to other highly allergenic plants like ragweed, and since they are buoyant, they can easily be distributed over many miles, increasing their effectiveness as irritants. With stronger strains also having been recently developed, this too has lead to an increase in allergic symptoms being reported. Allergies are caused by the body's immune system's overreaction to an irritant in an attempt to protect itself. Although the produced antibodies keep the allergens out, they also cause unpleasant symptoms on their own. Pollen is the most commonly found allergen, while mold is the second most common. Both of these are linked to weed and therefore, it isn't so surprising that herb can cause classic allergic symptoms like conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma and skin rashes.

    Grizzly Eclipse vaporizer UK

    How To Deal With Weed Allergies | Vaporizer UK

    If you're finding that you're suffering from unwanted symptoms due to a weed allergy, you're probably wondering what you can do to rectify the problem. After all, stopping using weed altogether might be the best option for your health, but it might not be the option you want to take. Although there is no definitive way to prevent a weed allergy from occuring, there are a few treatments that you can take to relieve the unwanted effects. Antihistamines are one such option which can be extremely effective in treating the runny nose and sore, itching eyes that some users experience, while nasal decongestants are another suitable option for those who are suffering from a stuffed up nose. If you are experiencing asthmatic symptoms, a doctor can prescribe a corticosteroid inhaler to relieve the discomfort.

    QloudUph Nexus concentrate vaporizer

    Can Vaping Help? | Vaporizer UK

    If you're experiencing allergic symptoms when using weed, one way to try to relieve your symptoms could be to try vaping instead. By using a wax or a weed concentrate and a pen style vaping device, you can eliminate the pollen which could be causing your discomfort. A quality vape pen such as the Dr Dabber Aurora can help to cut down the negative reactions and help you to enjoy your weed without any pain to maximise the pleasure of your experience.

    Pax 3 Vaporizer UK

    Does Vaping Weed For Pain Relief Really Work?

    Grasshopper Vaporizer UK

    Does Vaping Weed For Pain Relief Really Work? | Vaporizer UK

    One of the reasons that many people are choosing to vape weed is to manage their medical conditions, however, can it really help to relieve pain? While traditional pharmaceutical treatments are the standard medical response to chronic pain, many patients still find that they are suffering, despite taking their prescribed medication. Since weed has been identified as a potential treatment for pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, can it prove useful for those who are looking for other options?

    The Endocannabinoid System And Pain | Vaporizer UK

    Recent medical research has looked more closely at cannabinoids and how they interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body and has demonstrated that the cannabinoid CBD is incredibly effective when it comes to reducing pain. So, how does this translate into the use of weed in its entirety? Can it effectively reduce pain in sufferers? A study recently carried out by the University of California was designed to find an answer to the question. As part of the research, 42 patients who suffered from chronic pain that was resistant to traditional medicinal treatments were asked to take 4 puffs of vaporized weed with another four to eight puffs 3 hours later using the popular Volcano vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. As part of the process, participants had to hold the mouthpieces closely to their mouth, inhale for 5 seconds and then hold in the vapour for 10 seconds before exhaling, then repeating the procedure after 40 seconds in an attempt to mimic the common way in which vapers use their devices.

    Boundless Tera Vaporizer UK

    Eliminating The Placebo Effect | Vaporizer UK

    When evaluating any pain treatment, the idea of the placebo must be counteracted, and therefore, patients were randomly sorted into groups to be given different concentrations of weed with some participants receiving a dose that contained zero concentration as a control test. Before and after administration of the test, the patients rated their pain on a scale of 0 to 11 and then their ratings were compared. The conclusive results showed that when vaporized, whole plan weed can be very effective at reducing pain significantly. Although 18 patients reported a drop of a minimum of 30% in their pain levels while using a placebo, 26 reported the same reduction on higher and lower concentrations, with the number of puffs that were needed to reach this level being 3-4.

    VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer UK

    The Importance Of CBD | Vaporizer UK

    As the results showed little variation in pain reduction between the lower and higher doses, it appears that patients are not necessarily benefiting from vaping a large amount of weed, but instead are benefiting from the CBD content in the whole plant which would probably have remained the same throughout the samples. Overall, it appears that patients who are looking for an effective alternative to traditional treatments would be well advised to try vaping weed to see if they can find relief, since all the evidence so far seems to demonstrate that it can have a very beneficial effect for those who are suffering from long term and chronic pain.

    Sticky Brick HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer UK