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    The Vape Monster Blog

    The explosion of the Concentrate pen vaporizer

    2016 has come and gone and that year certainly had a boom in many vaporizer companies jumping in to the world of the vape biz and introducing their own version of concentrate pen. The year before all these vape companies had their minds set on creating the winning dry herb vaporizer, the portable unit being the standard preference of choice. At the start of last year I didn't even have one concentrate pen on my store for sale, now I have a lucky number of 13.

    So why the sudden invasion in the Concentrate Pen 

    The simple law of supply and demand comes to mind, with many avid vaporizer users looking for a way to use oils and waxes with their vape. Most dry herb vaporizers are not specifically designed with concentrates in mind the heating chambers are not properly designed to hold oils as well as the extra heat also needed to vaporize the concentrate of choice efficiently.

    Is the Concentrate Pen any good and worth the investment?

    This is very much down to preference, what are you looking for in a vaporizer? There are portable hybrid vaporizers available and this is ideal for someone that likes to vape both dry herb and concentrates. Portable Vapes also tend to have a longer lifespan and warranty at the expense of being bigger and able to be designed a little more rugged. But you get what you pay for and the price of a hybrid vaporizer is expensive compared to a concentrate pen that will do a good job of vaping your concentrates for little money.

    Hybrid portable vaporizers

    How does a Concentrate Pen work and how do I use it?

    Well let’s start by breaking it down, the standard for a concentrate pen is to strip down into 3 pieces comprising of:

    1. Battery
    2. Heating Chamber / Atomizer
    3. Mouthpiece

    Dr Dabber Ghost Concentrate pen

    These fit together to become one complete vaporizer unit by usually threading together or sometimes clicking and staying together via magnets. So once you acquainted yourself with your new concentrate pen, you can move to the next phase and load the heating chamber with your concentrate of choice, for this most of these vapes are supplied with a dab tool, a tiny stainless steel type spoon to help you load you wax / oil easily. Once you have finished filling the chamber you can reattach the mouthpiece turn the unit on and start vaping by holding the power button down to heat while you draw on the unit.

    What to look for when buying a Concentrate Pen

    1. Different types of atomizers

    At present there are three different types of atomizers used for the concentrate pen. The wicked, the wickless and the Donut.

    Wicked - A wicked atomizer means that the heating element is wrapped around a piece of absorbent fiber that is Ideal for runny liquids such as low viscosity oils.

    Wickless - A wickless atomizer means that the heating element is wrapped around a piece of quartz or ceramic, this is better for thicker concentrates like wax.

    Donut - This is the newest of atomizer styles for the concentrate pen and probably one of the best in my opinion. This is a flat dish style with no exposed heating element.

    1. Heat settings

    Some pens have one simple heat setting while other come with more or are even adjustable so you can find the perfect sweet spot for your dabs.

    1. Battery

    Something to keep an eye out for when purchasing your concentrate pen if you intend to use it a lot. Most vapes now use a lithium-ion battery the higher the mh, the more charge your battery holds in theory.

    1. Coils and rods

    Rods - The rod is what the coils wraps itself around if your vape pen is wicked the rod will be made out of some kind of absorbent material and wickless rods are either ceramic or more recently quartz. Quartz is supposedly better than ceramic as it’s completely inert and doesn't contaminate the taste what so ever.

    Coils - The coil is essentially your heating element, the heart of your concentrate pen vaporizer. The most recent advance is titanium coils the reason being they have a higher resistance to burning out and are able to maintain better temperatures to get the best out you concentrate of choices flavors. Also worth mentioning is the amount of coils you may have. some wax pens only have one and other have as many as three, the more coils you have generally the faster the heat up is and the quicker you will nail your oils and waxes!

    Well that is the end to this article and I hope I haven't missed anything out feel free to comment below, feedback is always welcome.


    The DaVinci IQ is nearly here!!

    I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the IQ vape the newest edition from DaVinci since they released the Ascent which is also an amazing vaporizer and well ahead of its time when it hit the shelves a few years ago and still easily holds its own today with its newer counterparts on the current market.
    So I have been told the IQ is on the way and will be available for delivery before February 1st! You are welcome to pre order yours now and of course all pre-orders will be prioritized and fulfilled as fast as possible so you can be the first to get your hands on this beauty.

    You can look at the full blurb about the DaVinci IQ here, but I thought I would also highlight a few of the interesting and useful features of the IQ below.

    1. First of the heating chamber is made from a material called ceramic zirconia instead of the usual standard ceramic that most top vaporizers use. So what is zirconia and why have DaVinci decided to use it in the newest vaporizer in their arsenal? Well zirconia is a material with very high resistance to cracking as well as many other things that are honestly over my head (read the full wiki on it here) but it is nice to see a vaporizer pushing forward in the market and making changes, possible advances in the game of vapes.

    2. Replaceable 18650 Battery is a great feature on vaporizers today as it gives you the ability to just swap out you flat battery for another and keep on vaping. 18650 batteries are easily available online now and gives you the ability to own a few spare batteries and never suffer a flat and unusable vaporizer again due to lack of power.

    3. Precision temp control ranging from 250-430° F is a great feature further made better by giving you an android / ios app to tinker with these settings. To me precision temp control is wasted as I am happy with the one or two of the usual pre-set temperatures most of the time but never or less it is nice to have the option even if you don’t use it very often.

    4. It has a supposed heat up time of 16 seconds (to 230f) which is extremely fast for a portable vape.

    5. 10 year warranty. This is always a great sign that the company really believes in and stands behind their product and build quality.

    Okay so that is all from me on the DaVinci IQ. Again if you wish to pre-order it and receive it before 1st of February click on the link below.

    Alternatively if you can’t wait for DaVinci’s new king on its mantelpiece or it is simply not for you or out of your price range take a look at the new Boundless range, the CF or more high tech CFX. These in my opinion are cracking portable vaporizers capable of vaping herbs as well as concentrates and are extremely well priced for what you get.

    Why not quit smoking for the new year

    Well Christmas is over the tree is out of the house and life resumes as normal. So the new year resolutions now start to break out and these usually revolve around our health and fitness. Perhaps you are going to start hitting the gym to shred a few Christmas pounds or build yourself some guns to flex in front of that mirror, no pain no gain they say! another easier way to make your lifestyle a little more healthy would be to stop smoking. I have already spoken about the adverse effects from smoking before and in case you missed it click here and have a read.

    Vaporizing is the perfect substitute and although it doesn't fill everyone's expectations most people that quit smoking and start vaporizing don't feel the need to revert back.

    So if your thinking of packing in your dirty habit and trying a vaporizer for the first time I thought this blog could help you make the correct choice.

    Boundless vaporizers

    There are many different types and styles of vaporizer out on the market now and more choice means more confusion for a first time buyer. The first thing to consider is what it will be used for, concentrates or dry herbs? and then the next choice would be the size of the unit. If you are planning to only use your vape at home then it would definitely be worth considering a desktop vaporizer although if you would rather something that you can take with you and use on the move a pen or a portable vaporizer would be an idea, take a look at this vape guide to help you make the right choice to start the new year off.

    Don't Miss Vape Monster City's January Sale!

    Vaporizer January Sale

    Vape Monster City's January Sale is now on from the 26th of December and ending on the 1st of January. There a some great vaporizer offers available so if your looking for a cheeky present for yourself after all the Christmas madness what are you waiting for!

    Stock is already low on some of these lovely vaporizers so be quick to be sure you don't miss a bargain.

    Here are some of the great deals available in our January Sales.

    The Boundless Vaporizer Range is a great choice for a feature full portable Vape.

    Boundless CFX portable vaporizer Only £134.99 reduced from £154.99

    Boundless CF portable vaporizer Only £99.99 reduced from £119.99

    Boundless vaporizer January Sale

    Perhaps your looking for a nice vaporizer Pen?

    Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Vaporizer Only £37.99 reduced from £42.99

    Grizzly Honey Dab pen Vaporizer January Sale

    Or perhaps a Portable vaporizer E-Nail to play with?

    Cloud V Electro portable E-nail Only 179.99 reduced from £189.99

    Cloud V Electro E-nail january sale

    Check the store out for other January Sale Bargains as this is just a few of them.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday everyone and I hope you have a great new year!



    Boundless CFX portable vaporizer review

    Boundless have come out of nowhere delivering 2 great portable vaporizers. The all singing all dancing Boundless CFX portable vaporizer and its little brother the Boundless CF portable vaporizer which is slightly smaller, has no digital temperature display and is the less expensive of the two.

    The CFX and the CF for that matter very much look like the Storz & Bickel Mighty or Crafty vaporizer but does have some little differences, price being the obvious one! The build quality and finish is good overall and doesn’t feel or look cheap with a smooth rubber finish and textured pattern to help you keep a tight grip on it. The CFX also comes in any colour you want as long as it is black! The CFX is definitely not the smallest of portable vaporizers on the market, Weighing 207 grams and measuring in at around 5” x 2.5” x 1” making it a squeeze to fit in your pocket but if you think this is a problem but you like the idea of owning a boundless Vape perhaps take a look at the CF model instead as it’s a bit smaller with only a few differences. Another thing that helps the Boundless CFX stand out in the looks department is the LCD temperature display, all in all she is a beauty.

    The CFX is a Conduction vaporizer and uses a large ceramic chamber and heat element with a medical grade plastic vapour path and has a quick heat up time between 15-20 seconds depending on your desired temperature (38c – 221c) and the vapour quality is good overall with slightly more draw resistance than its more expensive competitors the Mighty / Crafty vaporizers.

    When it comes to the CFX vaporizers power department it hums along using two x 7.4v 2500mAh Lithium-ion Batteries giving an average of 60 minutes of use! And can be fully charged via DC in under 45 minutes or as another option you can also use USB to charge your vape but it does take longer (2-3 hours average)

    Some other things worth mentioning is the CFX has haptic feedback (Vibration alerts) and an auto shut off ability (5 minutes) and also comes with a wax tank for your concentrates.

    All in all the Boundless CFX portable vaporizer is another top choice. A premium vaporizer for half the price of its competitors, the performance and features of this vape from boundless is top notch it gives nice clouds and cleans easy, has the ability of vaping dry herb and concentrates and even looks pretty in its little black dress.