The Air is the new and improved version of its predecessor the Solo. Designed & developed by the company Arizer who are also responsible for making the Desktop Vaporizer, ExtremeQ. The Air however has been designed with portability in mind, this was something that the Solo slightly lacked in. Even though the solo was made to be portable and it is to a point, it isn’t really small enough to fit into your pocket. The main complaint about the Solo was the size, especially once the glass mouthpiece was connected, this is where the Air excels with its slender design. Arizer solved this issue by developing the Air to fit nicely into your pocket, measuring in at roughly 12cm x 3cm without the mouthpiece or 16.5cm with the smallest mouthpiece fitted this really can be achieved.

 The Arizer Air functions are almost identical to the Solo, it is a hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer and the vapor quality and inner design are practically identical. The main improvements over the Solo is the size and the ability to change & swap the battery easily.

 The Air uses a ceramic heating element with five different temperature setting that range from 180 to 210 degrees Celsius. Two setting less than the Arizer Solo which has 7 different temp settings ranging from 50 to 210 degrees Celsius. The glass mouthpieces for the new Air are the same size as the Solo mouthpieces, so if you already own the Solo everything is interchangeable.

The new battery system has its advantages & disadvantages from its predecessor. The Air being a much smaller unit than the Solo, has had to sacrifice battery size to accomplish this and vaporizer usage between charges has suffered quite a lot compared to the Solo. Though there is an upside because the Air uses one easily removable 18650 internal rechargeable li-ion battery. Giving you the option of buying extra batteries, this makes the air great for long days out or possibly a weekend camping providing you have enough spare batteries, the air also gives you the option of using it while plugged in to the mains.

The Air also comes with a wide range of accessories out the box including:

2 x Glass Mouthpiece w/ Plastic Tip

1 x Glass Potpourri Dish

1 x Clear Protective Silicone Skin

1 x Carrying Case

1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool

1 x Battery Charger

1 x User Manual

With the option of buying extra accessories to add to your unit such as:

Replacement Batteries

Dual Battery Charger

Car Charger

Replacement Silicone Skins in various different colours

And Various Water Tools.

Take a Look at Arizer's full range here