So you are thinking of purchasing a vaporizer as you want to give up smoking your favourite herbs / blends and lead a healthier lifestyle?

But are vaporizers all that? Here are a few questions answered that may help you decide if a vaporizer is what you are really looking for.

+ What are the health benefits? Is vaporizing really any better than smoking?

Everybody knows smoking is not good for your health. One of the main elements that make it so bad is the combustion process, when you light up, you are burning your herbs at temperatures of around 900 Celsius and this creates a number of different carcinogens and chemicals.

Now in case you don’t understand what carcinogens are here is a little info on it

A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer. This may be due to the ability to damage the genome or to the disruption of cellular metabolic processes.

Doesn’t sound to good does it!


To top of that good news you also have some new chemicals to add to the list that are created in the combustion process

As an example I am going to use the tobacco herb.

Tobacco contains more than 2,500 chemicals but when burnt it transforms some of these chemicals into new ones and more…. Once tobacco is combusted it has Over 4000 chemicals, 70 of which are known to be carcinogenic!

Some of these are:

Hydrogen Cyanide




Carbon Monoxide

Many of the chemicals in this list are also created when any type of herb is burnt, not just tobacco.


One of the main reasons vaporizers were designed was to overcome horrible by-products of combustion, and by heating herbs at a lower temperature than combustion, vaporizers produce a vapour that hold the active Chemicals in your herb of choice without the harmful by-products of combustion. This is important when you want the medicinal benefits of your favourite herb without having to subject your body to harmful by-products in the process.

Vaporizing is said to remove 95% of the smoke you inhale and this obviously can only be a good thing!

+ Does the vapour smell the same as smoke?

The short answer is NO, in fact this is another reason to own a vaporizer. I am sure most smokers have given up smoking for a short time in their life and this is when you really notice it stinks! And not just while you are in the act, the smell of smoking linger all around you for around an hour or so. It gets embedded in your clothes and furniture and heavy smoking will even stain your fingers and walls.

A vaporizer doesn’t carry any of these bad qualities, in fact the smells created is so mild it is barely noticeable, you would have to be sitting next to someone for them to even get a whiff of the odour created by a vaporizer and even then the smell created is not a bad one and nothing like the noxious smell of smoke, most vaporizer users compare it to burnt popcorn and the vapor smell doesn’t hang around long…. Around 2-4 minutes and it is gone without embedding its whiff into the surrounding furniture. This is also great for when stealth missions are needed, believe me using a decent portable vaporizer is much easier to conceal than lighting one up in a public domain.



+ Vaporizers are expensive are they worth the cost?

Well if the information provided above wasn’t enough to sway you it comes down to some simple maths.

When you use a vaporizer you on average use a lot less to get the same desired effect thus saving on those precious herbs and the need of extra paraphilia needed for smoking, my guess is buying a vaporizer will eventually save you money in the long term.



Some other benefits worth mentioning  herbs are generally much more flavoursome when vaporized compared to burnt, and while vaporizers are to most not really classed as a sexy accessory to carry and use, we can surely all agree that vaping promotes a sexier image than smoking.