Vapium Summit Vaporizer Review

by Dic. Vape Monster City on October 10, 2015

The Summit Vaporizer by Vapium (a relatively new company with just one vape to its name so far) is well made and certainly looks durable and ready for battle. The words of its maker are "we focus on what you want: exceptional quality, cool lifestyle tools; creating products that are Rugged.Reliable.Refined." and "The SUMMIT® is a reliable tool for the bold vapor enthusiast – those who need durable, portable devices that can perform wherever the trail may lead, and beyond." 

Now I never took it on an extreme sports day out or hiking, but I did give it a thorough test indoors :)

From now on I have decided to break my vaporizer reviews into sections. (Feel free to make a comment below, and let me know if you think I am missing anything in my reviews)


I really like the look of the Vapium Summit, I had the sage green model for testing and it really does resemble a piece of military equipment ready for action! The polycarbonate body is Solid with no give to the plastic, with well-made buttons and a urethane grip on the end makes it more secure in your hands. It also adds another layer over the heating chamber which can get the grip quite warm with extended use.

The mouthpiece and heating chamber lid have been designed to be held in place with magnets which I think is another nice touch by Vapium, the chamber lid is also attached with a lanyard so you don't lose it and can leave it hanging while you load the chamber. The mouthpiece has been fitted with a plastic cover for easy cleaning.

The vapor air pathway and heating chamber are constructed of Food safe and medical grade material (Polyamide-imide and Stainless Steel).

The Vapium Summit measures in at 125 x 33 x 30mm and weighs 88 grams. It fits in my hand nicely and just as importantly for a portable vaporizer it also goes in my pocket with ease, though I would recommend an elastic band to hold the heating chamber firmly in place, If you are a pocket fiddler "which I am" as discharging your freshly loaded herbs into your pocket is not ideal at all!


The Summit uses a built-in non-removable Lithium-Ion Battery and this gives you roughly 50-60 minutes use and around the same amount of time to charge fully, with 4 Led lights indicating the amount of charge the battery is currently holding. The Summit has been fitted with the current micro usb 2.0 port, this is handy as this is the current standard of most Android phones so you should never be short of a charger to use (unless you are an apple fan of course) and you can also use your summit vaporizer while on charge. The Vapium Summit is also supplied with a number of rubber micro usb 2.0 covers to keep the port clean and dry. I kept forgetting to re-insert the rubber cover and can see you would lose a few through its lifespan.

Another option worth mentioning is you could also charge your Summit with an External portable power bank or Vapium's own Solar panel charger, if you were on the move and away from the mains power for a while, although I don't know how well the solar charger would fare in the sunny isles of the United Kingdom....


The Summit Vaporizer uses conduction (direct heat) as its heat type and has a range of 8 adjustable settings from 320°F (160°C) to 446°F (230°C). Indicated by 4 small coloured led lights located between the main power button and the +/- buttons used for changing the temperature. When turned on and set to your favourite heat setting it will take about 45 seconds to a minute to reach your temp, the blue power light will then turn green and the Summit will vibrate (haptic feedback) to tell you it’s ready to go. This vaporizer has a built-in auto shut off fitted as well to conserve battery life. When used the herbs inside seem to be heated reasonably even and no burning of the herbs where noticed over the course of my test, however I tended to just use the orange heat settings as these suited me the most. I found the red setting to make the vapor a little harsh for my liking but each to their own.

Cleaning really is simple, remove the magnetic fitted mouthpiece and heating chamber Lid, then remove the screen with the pick / stir tool provided. The Summit vaporizer also comes with a variety of tools for this job including some pipe brushes, but I recommend adding some Q-tips (also known as cotton-buds) and some cleaning solution which can also be bought from Vape Monster City's webstore to perform a thorough job.

So once you have removed the magnetic fitted parts and screen, simply spray some cleaning fluid on a Q-tip to do the chamber and screen and repeat with the supplied pipe brush to clean the vapor path. Leave the Summit for a minute or two for the cleaning solution to evaporate then give it a blow through (don't suck) to remove any dislodged grime. This only takes a few minutes, it really is simple!

TIP: When reassembling make sure when you re-insert the screen it is pushed as far to the bottom of the chamber as possible. If you find the Vaporizer is not working as efficiently as before cleaning you will find the cause is the screen not fitted properly.


I really liked this Vape from the looks all the way to the how it works! It’s nice and stealthy, easy to carry, clean and works very well indeed. The Draw is described as easy by Vapium but I would say it would fit more into the medium category. However the learning curve is really simple to master and you will be making clouds in no time. The mouthpiece is of a whistle type design and I prefer this over the round whip style design, which are more common. I really like how the mouthpiece has a plastic removable cover for easy cleaning. Just to note there was no plastic taste to the herbs and the vapor came clean. 


The only niggle I have with the Vapium Summit is when loading your herbs it is easy to make a mess! Once I had loaded the chamber I would cover the chamber hole with my finger and blow any lose material away that had lodged itself about the top. The rubber grip also likes to hold loose debris but can all be cleaned easy enough.

TIP : I would recommend you fine blend your herbs with a Grinder and pack to the lip of the steel chamber for best results, I tried with un-ground herbs and didn't find it worked particularly well this way.