James Bong meets the Vape Monster.

by David Hughes on October 07, 2015

Recently I was presented with a great opportunity and jumped at the chance for the Monster to appear in James Bong.

James Bong is well known as “The Cannabis Crusader” a comic hero for the legalization movement, whose mission is to protect stoners from injustice and spread the word.  James Bong is published in every issue of Weed World, an international pro-cannabis magazine which has been publishing for 25 years and reaches 150,000 readers, US 420 recreational lifestyle magazine Cronic Mag and has also been featured in CannaPages. The first full length collected edition was launched in May at East European Comic Con to huge success.

Creator James Longshore first introduced the James Bong character and universe in a live-action short film in 2005 called "The Origin, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The JOINT" which played in festivals worldwide and has now been adapted into a web series which can be watched on VIMEO VOD. The web series features James in High School, while the comic follows todaze adventures. 


Previous sponsors that have had the honour of appearing in James Bong are Sensi Seeds, Pottles Odor-Proof Containers, and Bonza Seed Bank. This time it’s the Monsters turn to shine and left the City for a brief cameo and a mention, James also takes to using a top secret new vaporizer that will be announced in store soon.


If you haven’t already, grab Octobers issue of Weed World (119) and get over to www.wayofthebong.com for more of James Bong and his story.

You can also support JB on Twitter & Facebook.

Thanks James, VAPE ON!