Vapir Prima Review

by Dic. Vape Monster City on November 25, 2015

The Vapir Prima portable vaporizer is a new addition to Vapir’s Collection that includes the NO2 and the Vapirise. The Prima is a massive Improvement to Vapir’s previous portable vaporizer, the NO2.

The Prima is a lot smaller for a start, as in my opinion the NO2 was not what I would class as very portable. A good portable Vape should be able to be carried on my person with ease and the Prima is defiantly in this category.


The Construction and build Quality is of a high standard consisting of a brushed aliuminium Shell, plastic mouthpiece and stainless steel vapor path. The Prima has a sturdy weight to it (167 grams) and measures in at 120mm x 45mm x 30mm.

With no loose parts begging to fall off in your pocket. The Prima comes in four colours, Silver, Black, Blue and Orange. I opted for the Silver one to test and if Beauty is what you are looking for the vapir prima defiantly has it, with its sleek curves and Brushed aluminium surface. Everything fits together good, the heating cover slides on smoothly and is held there with a small magnet and the battery slots in good and tight. The Prima has one button on the top that controls the 4 heat settings and turns it on and off when held, this is all indicated by 4 Led lights on the top side of the vaporizer.


The battery is removable and is simple to change, it just slides out of the aluminium shell. This is great for heavy users that need to carry a spare battery with them. The Prima’s Battery is Lthium-ion and is 3.6v – 3200mh. This gives a lot of usage time before it needs recharging and I get around 5-6 sessions out of this vaporizer before needing to charge the battery again.

To charge the Vapir Prima you need to remove the battery and fit it in the charging dock that comes with the unit, this means you can’t Vape and charge with this vaporizer, but due to being able to buy and use extra batteries this shouldn’t be an issue. The Prima vaporizers Battery takes a long time to charge, I keep forgetting to time it but at a rough guess it is around 2 hours plus for a full charge. The docking cable is also usb fitment which I think is worth mentioning.


The Vapir Prima is a conduction dual vaporizer capable of doing herbs, waxes and oils. It has 4 heat settings, ranging from 176c/350f to 205c/400f and takes between 50 seconds to 1 minute and a half to get up to temperature depending on your heat preference. I generally just vape herbs so heat setting 2 seemed to suit me best. When I first took it out the box and dry tested the mouthpiece It left a plastic taste initially and feared the worst however once I fired the prima up loaded with my favourite herb I was nicely surprised with a great taste of all things herbal with no plastic present. The Prima really does bring the taste through great.

The draw on this vaporizer is really easy to the point it is perhaps too easy. I noticed very quickly the mouthpiece was warming up and in return this was soon heating my lips to an uncomfortable level, you can bypass this problem by slowing down your pull, so really this is just a learning curve.

Cleaning the Prima vaporizer is extremely easy, the mouthpiece is taken off to allow the stainless steel vapor pathway / tube to be removed and with the cleaning tools provided and a little cleaning solution the job is done.



The Vapir Prima is a great vaporizer for someone looking for a Quality portable vaporizer that is capable of doing both herbs and extracts. The Prima loses a few points for the fact that your vaped herb does stick to the top screen and needs to be brushed, or blown out if you don’t mind a face full of dry herb. This again is a small issue but an irritating one nevertheless. Overall though this vape scores high with me, ticking the majority of boxes with few niggles.