Did you miss Vape Monster City's legendary cameo in James Bong and The Case of the Chronic Crook part II in Weed World? Fear not you can see The Vape Monster return again as he has had the good fortune of also appearing in the pages of Cronic Mag, a US 420 recreational lifestyle magazine, alongside James Bong once again in a reprint of the famous cannabis crusader and his escapades.

Cronic Lifestyle Magazine stands firmly at the forefront of this global Ganja revolution and are based in the heart of Denver, Colorado, the Marijuana capital of the world. If this sounds like your Magazine (and I am sure it does) go to the Website and get yourself a subscription, or snag a copy at major cannabis culture events nationwide. This way you can keep up with what is going on at the forefront of the scene and get to see James Bong fighting for truth and justice.

"In addition, 5,000 copies of the very first exclusive "James Bong and the Case of the Chronic Crook" Deluxe Collected Edition featuring the Vape Monster will hit the streets next week!