The Haze V3 Vaporizer feels well-made and very solid, everything feels tight and put together well, weighing in at 200 grams and measuring in at 82mm x 80mm x 25mm.
I always thought the shape of the Haze V3 was a strange choice, the square shape never appealed to me until I had seen it in the flesh. Very different to any other portable vaporizers I have used so far in the way of looks, however it really does hold its own in the appearance stakes and holds it very elegantly indeed.
The shape of the Haze V3 sits in my hand nicely and has a feel of quality to it. You have a simple on/off lever type switch and a single temperature push button located on the top of the unit which morphs quite seamlessly into the design. The Switch selects the chamber it heats depending on the direction it is pushed as there are two individual chambers (1 conduction, 1 Convection).

Once you have activated the switch to the on position, this then gives access to your Steel or Glass tube that you can then pull up to your desired height.
The Front of the Haze V3 Comprises of a single Cage style door, opening this gives you access to the 2 chambers to where you can load your blends, concentrates or E-liquid. Under the door you also have 4 led’s that indicate what temperature setting you are on, you can also see these through the door as it is as mentioned cage like.


The battery is removable and is simple to change via a small hatch on the bottom of the unit. The Haze V3 also comes with 2 Batteries, great for heavy users that need to carry a spare with them. The Battery is Lthium-ion and is 3.7v – 2600mah this gives a good amount of vaporizer usage time before the battery needs changing and I get around 5 good sessions out of this before needing to change out the battery.
The Haze V3 vaporizer Batteries take a long time to charge, around 4 hours plus for a full charge.


The Haze V3 is a conduction or Convection dual Chamber vaporizer capable of doing herbs, concentrates and E-liquids. It has 4 heat settings 365F, 380F, 390F and 415F, and takes a little under a minute to get up to temperature depending on your heat preference.
The draw on this vaporizer is really easy and smooth, it has a patented heat exchange system with stainless steel chambers and a stainless steel vapor path. It seems to do the job perfect and gives in my opinion just the right amount of draw resistance making this vaporizer one of my favourites for using so far.

As with most other vaporizers the V3 can get a little warm on the chamber side of the unit after say 10-15 minutes use or so.


The Haze V3 is a great vaporizer for someone looking for an Elegant and solid portable vaporizer that is capable of doing both herbs, concentrates and E-liquids. I have only good things to say about this Vaporizer with no major niggles or design flaws to moan about.