A Weed Vaper's Guide To The Best Holiday Destinations

by Dic. Vape Monster City on August 20, 2017

A Weed Vaper's Guide To The Best Holiday Destinations


If you're planning a holiday, you're probably wondering which are the best places in the world to enjoy your weed vaping habit. When you're looking forward to having a relaxing vacation, the last thing you want is to fall foul of the law while getting your fix, so this article is a helpful guide to choosing the best destinations for you.


Amsterdam – The Netherlands


The top city on our list for a weed vaping vacation will come as no surprise. Amsterdam has long held a reputation as a weed friendly destination, and the city's brown cafes are notorious world wide. Tourists from all around the globe flock here to try the nation's greatest tourist attraction. Of course, there are plenty of other attractions to enjoy here too, from museums to the beautiful waterways, and all are even better after you've had your hit.


Barcelona – Spain


Barcelona in Spain is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe thanks to its scenic beaches, gorgeous architecture and relaxed drug laws. Weed use here has been decriminalized and citizens are permitted to legally possess as much as 40 grams, although selling, buying and public usage are all outlawed. With several festivals held annually to celebrate weed use, the city is the perfect spot for your holiday.


Prague – Czech Republic


One of Europe's most weed friendly countries, the Czech Republic has very liberal drug laws and the use of dry herb has been decriminalized. Citizens are permitted to grow as many as 5 plants at home and users can possess up to 15 grams without facing any retribution. Thanks to the city's party culture and relaxed atmosphere, you can really enjoy a great time here without any worries.


Christiana – Denmark


Although weed in all its forms is against the law in Denmark, Christiana has been declared to be an autonomous region, making it a great holiday destination for anyone who is keen to get their fix while on vacation. With a reputation for being a hippie commune, this quirky town even has a Green Light District where you can buy dry herb with ease.


Nimbin – Australia

Nimbin – Australia

If you're looking for a long haul weed vaping vacation, Nimbin, a pretty town in the mountains of New South Wales in Australia is the perfect spot. This quiet, quaint town even hosts a MardiGrass festival every year which attracts weed-loving tourists from around the world to enjoy events like Speed Rolling and Bong Throwing, the perfect place to use your Weed vaporizer.


Portland, Oregon – USA

Portland, Oregon

As one of America's first states to have legalized recreational weed use, it is easy to see why Portland, Oregon is a great holiday destination choice. The home of the first ever weed cafe in the USA is a socially active and bohemian place to visit and is an ideal vacation spot for weed-users thanks to its position at the forefront of weed law reform.


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