An in depth look at the Grenco G Pen Elite

by Dic. Vape Monster City on February 26, 2017

The Grenco G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Grenco G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Grenco have been best known for their budget vaporizer the Grenco G pro, a reasonably priced portable vaporizer for dry herbs that has been endorsed by the likes of Snoop Dogg and DGK. The Grenco G Pro was one of the earliest of the portable battery vaporizers on the scene, but now it kind of shows seeing there are many portable vapes available that will easily out-perform the G Pro, however they are usually double the price. The G Pen Elite vaporizer is here to bridge the gap for Grenco who look to come out of the budget range and bring a unit to compete with the more premium vaporizers out there. Not only does the Grenco G Pen Elite jump it the range of a premium vape, it also is quite unique. As the name suggests it is more of a pen than it is a portable vaporizer measuring just 12cm tall, 4cm in width and 3cm in depth and weighing a meager 88 grams. This is where it becomes slightly unique, there are not many "premium" vaporizer pens or portable vaporizers that are so small in size to my knowledge that are specifically designed to vaporize dry herbs efficiently apart from perhaps the Vapium Summit, that lacks in performance compared and the Pax series, that are more expensive and lack many of the features available on the Elite, however they are in a similar size category. Now as you can see I have emphasized the word "premium" and of course this would mean that I think Grenco have made something rather good, well I certainly think so. The G Pen Elite has been lavished with features found in the newest portable vaporizers on the market today, but the accomplishment here is they have fit these features in a vaporizer half the size. There isn't much not like about this little vape, while there are many other vaporizers out there that will out do the G Pen Elite in perfomance, you have to remember most are at least twice the size and although most out there will fit in your pocket, there not going to leave room for your keys. So, let's take a look at this dry herb pen vaporizer and see what all my hype is about.


Grenco G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Design & Build Quality

Grenco have really upped their game and made the G Pen Elite a real beauty, with a kind of oval and conical shape and ergonomic feel, designed to sit naturally in the hand. The body is all plastic, but it doesn't give the impression of being cheap, it has a sturdiness about it. All of the buttons are seamlessly placed and feel like they will last under daily use, and the LCD screen blends beautifully with the overall design making you think Grenco really thought this one out and spent a great deal of time getting it just right.


Grenco G Pen Elite Vaporizer

Heating and Performance

The first thing you would probably notice when coming to use the G Pen Elite for the first time is the sheer size of the chamber, its big and capable of holding up to 0.7 grams of your favourite dry herbs. The Chamber is made from ceramic, a now commonly used material for vaporizer heat chambers these days as it spreads the heat evenly and doesn't taint the taste and flavour of your dry herb. The chamber is heated by what Grenco describe as a 360-degree heat system and uses a mixture of conduction and convection, mostly conduction I suspect. You can set your temperature precisely anywhere between 200°F-428°F by using the two temperature buttons on the side of the device and you can keep an eye on your current temp by monitoring the LCD display. The Mouthpiece has a silicone coating with the screen built into the underneath and a specially designed pathway to help in cooling the vapor. the draw resistance is minimal and this little gem heats up quickly reaching 360F in under 30 seconds. Overall the G Pen Elite performs admirably for its size giving you some good sized clouds, although on higher temperatures the vapor can come a little harsh probably due to the short distance it has to be able to cool. 

Battery and Charging

The battery in the G Pen Elite is non-removable made from lithuim-ion and has 2200mah capacity that can be charged via micro USB taking roughly 2 hours to reach maximum, this should give you at least six good sessions from it before the need to recharge. There is a battery indicator on the LCD display so you can monitor the life you have left before you need to plug it back in. 

Additional features

The G Pen Elite does have an Auto-Shutoff timer which will automatically shut the unit off to help conserve battery life and safety.