An in depth look at the Kandypens Gravity

by Dic. Vape Monster City on March 18, 2017

Kandypens Gravity Wax Pen

Kandypens Gravity Uk

One of the newest wax pens to come from the Santa Barbara, USA based company, the Kandypens Gravity has the kind of sturdy quality and great performance to be expected from the guys that brought us their original flagship, the Kandypens Galaxy which is still highly considered to be one of the best wax pens on the market. Constantly pushing the boundaries of vape design, the team from Santa Barbara have got together a vape pen with the much sort after donut atomizer as well as a few other great features, so let’s take a look.




If you are in the market for a Ninja’s wax pen, then you will certainly like the Kandypens Gravity. The main body is finished with a stylish and very subtle sandblasted black finish, topped off with a gloss black mouthpiece keeping its elegance of design while holding a low-key discreet appearance. The wax pen itself is a solid unit very similar in construction to the galaxy.

Kandypens Gravity Uk




The Kandypens Gravity has four temperature settings (300°F, 350°F, 390°F, 430°F), each of these settings are indicated by a different colour LED light illumination, these are easily cycled through by clicking the power button quickly three times per temperature change. Most wax pens to date tend to come with one or three temperature setting so it’s a plus that kandypens have given the gravity one extra setting to use.

The Kandypens Gravity comes with two different style atomizers to choose from, a deep, wick-less quartz crystal atomizer and a coil-less atomizer with a ceramic dish also known as a “Donut”.

the ceramic dish chamber or Donut is designed with flavour and efficiency in mind, Heat is more evenly dispersed contributing to less wastage of your concentrates compared to its coiled counterparts, although you won’t manage to get the same amount of vapor production with the Donut design, so it’s a bit of a trade off with the choice of tastier vapor or bigger clouds.

The wickless quartz chamber is favourite for many concentrate vapers out there, giving the user some nice fat clouds with reasonable flavoured vapor quality. The quartz rods do a fine job absorbing and distributing the heat and perform admirably.

Kandypens Gravity UK



The Gravity is capable of producing some flavoursome tasty vapor, very similar to the Kandypens Galaxy with the added ability of an extra temp setting and the choice of using the desirable donut chamber depending on user preference.




The battery is a lithium-ion with a capacity of 650MaH giving you between a good day to two days’ use depending on your usage. Charging is done via USB and takes roughly two hours to reach full capacity.




The Battery on the Kandypens Gravity has a lifetime warranty.




The Kandypens Gravity is a good performer similar to the Galaxy with the additional temp setting and Donut atomizer, its simple to use and a great choice for beginners as well as seasoned vapers.

Kandypens Gravity UK