Another look at the Haze V3.

It has been a year or so since the release of the Haze V3 portable vaporizer, so how has it sat in the ranks of all the other new and old Vaporizers of today? The Haze V3 is one of Vape Monster City’s biggest sellers and seems to be one of the most favoured choices among our customers and for good reason! This vape has many great features such as dual chambers capable of vaping pretty much everything, replaceable rechargeable batteries and a bunch of great extra accessories such The Haze leather carry case and keychain accessory holder, Cleaning kits and Xl batteries.

Vape Monster City has sold the Haze V3 since its first release and it hasn’t been a disappointment the V3 Vaporizer does its job very well indeed it not only provides consistent tasty vapor it holds strong on the reliability front as well. I have very little complaints on issues with Haze, although they (Haze) prefer the customer contact them direct with any warranty requests.
The main complaint the Haze V3 gets from my previous customers is battery Life. When I tested the Haze V3 out I found the Battery life perfectly adequate for me, but for some more dedicated users some extra batteries seem to a must.
Overall the Haze V3 seems to be one of the best vaporizers of 2015-2016