Athletes and Weed Vaping

by Dic. Vape Monster City on October 28, 2017

It has recently been revealed that increasing numbers of endurance athletes have turned to weed to improve their physical performance, but is it a good idea, and does it actually work? While many people would say that weed use seems to be at odds with the healthy lifestyle promoted by sportsmen and women, in fact these users would say that it is a key part of their fitness regime and an important element in healthy living. From runners to bodybuilders, and from skiers to mountain bikers, athletes who participate in an astounding array of sports from the mainstream to the niche are discovering the benefits of using weed.

Why Do Athletes Use Weed?

One of the reasons that professional athletes give for using weed is that it can improve their mindset. By making them more aware of their body and its sensations, they can enjoy their sport more whilst also having a stronger focus on their skills. Not only that, but for those who participate in endurance sports which can be hard on the body, weed use can relieve the muscle aches and pains that inevitably occur afterwards. It can also help competitors to relax before participating in a competition and to sleep better the night before a big event. Since it also boosts impulsive responses, it can help athletes to take more risks without affecting their ability to make decisions, something that can be extremely beneficial during competitions.

Weed And Natural Body Processes

Interestingly, research has revealed that when people exercise, cannabinoids are produced naturally in the body. When athletes take weed, it copies the natural process of boosting those endocannabinoids which are induced by exercise.

Why Vaping?

Although increasing numbers of athletes are turning to weed, they are turning to vaping rather than smoking. This is because they are still in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, and inhaling the carcinogens and dangerous chemicals which are produced during combustion while smoking is hardly in line with those aims. Smoking weed damages the lungs, which can have severe consequences for anyone, but especially for an athlete, however, vaping causes no harm to the lungs, making it the healthiest way to use weed. By using a discreet portable vaping device like the Davinci IQ vaporizer before exercising, they can boost their performance whilst minimising the discomfort experienced after a vigorous workout.

Is It Safe For Athletes To Vape Weed?

While some people consider weed to be like a performance enhancing drug, this definition isn't particularly accurate. Completely different to hormones which can stimulate muscle growth or increase blood cells, weed is a natural substance which just happens to improve focus while training. However, experts do warm that at the present time there is still a lack of research into the subject, and as different strains have different amounts of THC and CBD they can have different effects on the body. More studies are needed to fully understand the benefits for athletes, however it certainly appears at the present time that the benefits far outweigh the risks.