Best Weed Vaporizers For Vaping Discreetly

by Dic. Vape Monster City on October 13, 2017

If you're keen to vape weed when on the go rather than waiting until you're at home, you're probably looking for the most discreet way to enjoy it. Having a compact vaporizer that ensures you fly under the radar while out and about is the best way to escape unwanted attention, so which ones are the best choice for discreet vapers?


Linx Ares Concentrate PenLinx Ares Wax Pen uk

This simple and affordable concentrates vaporizer lives up to its name – it really does look like a pen. Slim and compact, the Linx Ares is one of the most discreet devices on the market and with no need to load it, it couldn't be more convenient to use. It's size means that it's perfect for popping into your pocket without attracting any attention yet you can still enjoy impressive vapour and great flavour.



Pax 3 vaporizer uk

This multi-functional vaporizer can be used for both concentrates and dry herb making it incredibly versatile and great value for money. Not only that but its tiny size and discreet design means that it will go completely unnoticed by passers by. With its neat, gadget-like style, you can take the PAX 3 anywhere, and thanks to its pure strong vapour and impressive performance you'll enjoy a fantastic quality vape.


Dr. Dabber Ghost

Dr Dabber Ghost UK

Anyone looking for great flavour and aroma from their weed concentrates will love the Dr. Dabber Ghost kit. Running on low heat it ensures optimal flavour while its titanium construction ensures pure flavour. With its long battery life, this user friendly device has a discreet, stealthy look that is not unlike a standard vape pen, or even a regular pen. When you need a great portable device, this is it.




Kandypens Galaxy

Kandypens Galaxy pen uk

All of the Kandypens range of vaporizers are discreet and compact, however the Galaxy is especially stealthy. With a sleek gold and black design, it looks great with any outfit, blending seamlessly into your clothing. Pop it in a pocket or bag and it looks like the ultimate fashion accessory, while its 5” tall, sturdy design makes it small enough to take anywhere with you. Despite its diminutive size, don't be fooled – this award winning device is powerful, user-friendly and boasts a long battery life.


Pax 2

Pax 2 Vaporizer uk

If you love a dry herb vape when you're out of the home, the Ploom Pax 2 is a great choice. Stylish and sleek, it's almost a shame that this beautiful device is so discreet since it deserves to be seen and appreciated. Designed to fit conveniently into your pocket without attracting attention, this innovative device features auto-cooling and motion sensing technologies to self-optimise the temperature and power when in use to save on battery life, while its four different temperature settings ensure that you get the most out of your experience.


Choose one of these discreet devices and you'll be able to enjoy vaping weed wherever you go with nobody around you being any the wiser. What a great investment!