Boundless Vaporizers – The Portable Choice

by Dic. Vape Monster City on September 13, 2017

Boundless Vaporizers – The Portable Choice


If you're looking for a great portable vaporizer that won't cost the Earth, Boundless Vaporizers could be perfect for you.The Boundless CF and CFX have both been causing a stir since their arrival on the market, and with their affordable price tag paired with their great features, it's easy to see why they've been raising interest in the vaping community.


Getting Physical


Before we look at the features of the Boundless vaporizers, let's take a look at their physical appearance. Both the CF and CFX models are incredibly similar, and while there are a couple of differences to set them apart, there is very little between them.


Both devices have a handy rotating mouthpiece which you can swivel out when you want to use it and then spin back once you've done, and the quarter turn locking mechanism makes opening and closing it a breeze. Both of the vaporizers are also covered in the same soft-touch material which feels pleasant in the palm of your hand whilst also ensuring that you can get a better grip on the device – perfect if you've got sweaty hands or you're just a bit clumsy.

Boundless CF UK


Temperature And Display


Here's where the differences start to appear between the two devices. The slightly more advanced CFX allows the vaper to adjust the temperature between 100F and 430F, and your chosen setting will be displayed on the 1.7 inch stylish OLED display. The temperature appears red while you scroll through the options but turns green once it has been set making it clear which one you've chosen. Even better, the device vibrates once it's reached its optimal operating temperature.


The difference between the CFX and its little brother, the CF, is that the more basic CF model only offers five preset temperature settings, and while these are perfectly adequate for most users, it doesn't offer quite such a customisable experience. There is also no vibration to alert you when the temperature is reached.

Boundless CFX UK


Capacity And Efficiency

No matter which of the two Boundless devices you choose, you can rest assured that both ovens are equally spacious, so the capacity is pretty good, holding at least half a gram of ground herbs. Both devices also heat up really quickly, so you can enjoy your vape more quickly than ever since it can hit the optimal operating temperature within around 20 seconds.




One of the great attractions of these devices is their portability, and although they aren't the smallest units on the market, they are compact enough to take wherever you want to go and discreet enough to pass as a regular box mod. As both the CF and CFX are surprisingly lightweight at no more than 200g, they won't weigh you down when you're out and about, and even the slightly larger CFX model will fit easily into a purse, bag or pocket for extra convenience.

Boundless CFX




One of the biggest problems with portable vaporizers is that many of them have a short battery life, however both of the Boundless devices last a long time before needing a recharge. The CF's battery works for at least 10 sessions, while the CFX could go for even longer to around 15 before having to be charged up. As both charge through a micro USB cable, it's pretty easy to charge them up through a portable battery pack, car charger or socket anyway. Charging is swift, and when plugged into a wall socket, the CFX can go from empty to full in just 30 minutes while the CF is fully charged in less than two hours.


So, what are the pros and cons of these two portable devices?



  • Speedy heating time
  • A long battery lifespan
  • Excellent flavour production
  • Large capacity
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Fast charging with a micro USB cable




  • The CF model has no battery indicator
  • The herb may become trapped inside the ridge of the mouth piece


Overall, both devices are great, however if you aren't on a strict budget, the CFX offers a few additional features that could be well worth the extra money. With its vibrating alerts, cool LED screen and customisable temperature settings, it has a more premium feel, and since it can charge fully in just 30 minutes, it's also ideal for those who just don't want to wait for their vape. Of course, if you'd prefer a more basic model or are looking for great value for money, the CF is still a brilliant device and will give you a fantastic user experience. Whichever device you choose, you'll love the convenience of taking your dry herb out and about with you while you're on the move!