Cloud V E-Rig Vaporizer Review

by Dic. Vape Monster City on May 10, 2017

Cloud V E-Rig Vaporizer Review

The Cloud V E-Nail vaporizer was released in 2016 and comes in two variations, you can have a straight glass percolator or a side arm percolator. Like the Dr Dabber Boost E-Rig it is also a portable battery powered unit, making it much more versatile than the traditional mains powered E-Rigs
The Cloud V Electro E-Nail is very different from the Dr Dabber Boost E-Nail in many ways and not just its looks. For a start it features temperature control, so you can choose from 2 temperature settings, a choice from either 800°F to 1000°F.


The Cloud V E-Nail comes in a single colour that is a matt black finish, it feels and looks well-made and sturdy and come well packed in its presentation box ready for secure shipping. Depending on the glass attachment you have chosen, the E-rig measures in at around 28cm tall and weighs 570 grams. The E-Rig feels well balanced in hand and is easy to use with one button controlling the power and 2 temperature settings. The Water Percolator or Aqua Bubbler is made of quality thick glass and fits snug and securely connecting easily to the body with a twisting motion.

Cloud V Electro E-Rig UK


The Cloud V Electro E-Nail comes fitted with a titanium Nail as standard and as mention before you have the option between 2 temperatures, 800°F to 1000°F. It can reach either desired temperature very quickly, around 15-16 seconds of heat up time and you are ready to dab away. The Aqua Bubbler does a good job of cooling down the Vapor making the dab smooth and the vapor quality coming through smooth and tasty.

Cloud V Electro UK


The Cloud V Electro E-Nail is powered by a 6000MaH battery and comes with a charging dock or base stand that a USB is plugged into. The Cloud V Electro can take a while to fully charge as it has a large battery, and will need 7-8 hours on the dock to reach full. Cloud V also recommends to initially charge the unit for 9 hours before its first use.

Cloud V Electro UK


The Cloud V E-Nail vaporizer comes with a 1 year warranty.


The Cloud V Electro E-Nail turned out to be a breath of fresh air. While it is considerably larger and costs slightly more than its rivals, its make up for this with a large battery and 2 temperature settings as well as the ability to reach 1000°F! Its build quality is good and it also performs very well indeed.