Coming Soon, The Haze Square Vaporizer

by Dic. Vape Monster City on February 19, 2017

The Haze Square Vaporizer 

Haze Square Vaporizer

The Haze Square vaporizer is the newest creation to come out of Haze industries, with many holding high expectations for this new vape, due to the Haze V3 vaporizer being a piece of art in its own right and performing pretty much flawlessly. The Haze V3 was known to stand out from the crowd because of its unique dual chamber system, allowing the user to switch between the 2 canisters with ease and giving the user the ability to vape dry herb or concentrates. The Haze Square however has taken this revolution a step further by introducing a rotating system that holds not 2 canisters but 4, you simply rotate the canister you desire to use around to the ceramic heating chamber and vape on!

Haze Square Vaporizer

The Haze Square vaporizer still holds the ability to provide the user dual use, so you can put your favourite dry herb or concentrates in these canisters like before with the V3. The Haze Square works smoothly allowing you to rotate and switch from 1 canister to another extremely quickly, literally seconds to be a bit more precise. This I think is a great idea allowing you to load all chambers before you go out the door and giving you 4 good sessions before you have to mess around reloading the unit for the next round, this is truly brilliant idea making this vaporizer stand is truly portable.

Haze Square Vaporizer

Keeping with the Haze industries unusual and completely different design and shape choice and off course it’s all in the name of the vape, this is Square in shape made out of high grade aluminium as the majority giving a lovely smooth feel and texture and shouts quality!  The power button is located on the front and the Temperature Setting buttons on top of the unit. The Haze Square vaporizer also has a micro USB for its charging source making topping the battery up a bit easier as nowadays there is always somewhere to plug a USB into nowadays since its now the favourite charging accessory for most smartphones these days. some of the other little features that a definitely worth a mention here is the extremely fast heat up time of around 3 seconds and a haptic feedback vibration alert feature to let you now its reached your required temperature. I for one can't wait to get my hands on this unit and check it out for myself, hopefully I shouldn't have to wait much longer and should be in the store soon.