While most people know that smoking weed can have an impact on your dental health, whether or not vaping weed can have a negative effect on the mouth is currently under debate. While some experts state that consuming weed via any oral method can result in an increased risk of oral cancer, others say that this isn't strictly the case, and the risks are significantly lower for those who only vape rather than smoke dry herb. However, if you want to do the right thing for your health and well-being, it can be hard to know what to do for the best, and since the general advice appears to be to switch to vaping rather than smoking weed for better general health, oral health included, is it time to invest in a vaporizer?


How Does Smoking Weed Affect Teeth?


Most people who smoke weed are aware of some of the oral problems it causes. Bad breath and stained teeth are just two of the most commonly reported problems, and gum disease is another frequently experienced problem. However, recent studies have also linked smoking dry herb to oral cancers due to the carcinogenic chemicals produced during its combustion. When weed is smoked, the high temperatures produced can irritate the tissues of the mouth, triggering changes in the cells which could potentially lead to cancerous lesions appearing inside the mouth. If weed is mixed with tobacco, the risk is even higher, since tobacco is strongly linked with oral cancer.


Is Switching To Vaping The Answer?


It has been suggested that people switch to vaping rather than smoking weed since, as there is no combustion, the high temperatures and harmful chemicals are not produced. Experts have backed this up, however they have pointed out that there are also some oral dangers associated with vaping too. While vaping weed is nowhere near as harmful to the mouth as smoking it, there are a few things to watch out for. For a start, vaping weed causes a dry mouth, with the volume of saliva which the mouth produces being reduced to the effect of weed on the body's nervous system. If there is not enough saliva produced to wash away the bacteria and food from the gums and teeth, eventually bad breath can occur as well as sores in the mouth. Also, having a dry mouth in the long term can promote tooth decay which could eventually lead to tooth loss. With the munchies being a well known problem after vaping weed and then a lack of inclination to brush teeth thoroughly afterwards, tooth decay becomes even more likely.


How To Avoid Tooth Decay


If you don't want to give up vaping weed, but still want to have good dental health, make sure to maintain good oral hygiene routines. Brush regularly with a fluoride toothpaste and floss every day, making sure to visit the dentist at least once a year. You should also keep water close at hand while vaping so you can stay hydrated and avoid the problems associated with having a dry mouth. Take these precautions, and you can stop any serious complications from developing.