Foolproof Dry Herb Vaporizer Tips

by Dic. Vape Monster City on December 14, 2017

Foolproof Dry Herb Vaporizer Tips


Dry herb vaporizers have changed the way we use weed forever, offering a reliable and impressive way of delivering its benefits. However if you want to maximise your weed vaping experience, here are some top tips for vaping dry herb.


Use Only Fresh Herb


High quality, well cured herb is the best choice for your vape. You definitely want to avoid stale, dried out herbs if you want to avoid disappointment. Vaporizing is dependent on moisture as the process involves heating up the substance until its components reach boiling point and become an inhalable vapor. Fresh herb has a higher concentration of moisture, so you're going to get a better result. You should make sure that the herbs you're loading into your device's chamber isn't too wet or dry. Touch the bud before you load it to check it isn't wet to the touch or so dry it can be crushed into powder using your fingers. Somewhere in between is the sweet spot.


Grind It Right


Grinding up herb increases its surface area so that the heat can penetrate it better and produce a good quality vapor. You need to get an even grind using a herb grinder like the Santa Cruz Shredder, but don't grind too much since your leftover ground up weed will dry up much more quickly.

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Choose The Right Temperature


Temperature is a key element of vaping, but it isn't as easy to get the right temperature as you'd think. You need to aim for between 180 and 210 degrees Celsius, however there are factors at play that will affect the precise temperature you need. Firstly, different cannabinoids vaporize at slightly different temperatures, the amount of moisture in your bud, and the texture of the grind all impact on the way the weed vaporizes. Different temperatures also produce a different effect, with lower temperatures helping you to feel more functional, while higher temperatures making you more relaxed and euphoric.


Don't Pack Too Tight


While a tight pack is important for vapor, packing it too tight will stop the vapor from flowing properly to the mouthpiece from the chamber.




A dry herb vaporizer is like an oven – it needs to warm up to the right temperature before use. Make sure to preheat your device before you start vaping – most modern devices do this very quickly anyway.

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Perfect Your Inhaling Technique


Short, gentle drags are best when vaping dry herb since taking long, deep drags often end up sucking some of the the weed from the chamber into the mouthpiece and from there into your mouth, which isn't a pleasant experience. It also brings cold air into the device's chamber, and this makes your vaporizer work harder, affecting the quality of vapor.




Avoid Combusting Your Herb


Avoiding combustion is the whole point of vaporizing, so you need to make sure not to use too high a temperature when vaping your dry herb. You may need to use some trial and error with the temperature settings to find the perfect sweet spot.


Maintain Your Device


You won't get a good experience from your vaporizer unless you maintain it properly. Always read your device's instruction manual and clean it regularly, replacing parts whenever necessary.


Follow these tips and you're sure to enjoy a fantastic weed vaping experience.

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