How Much Money And Herb Can You Save By Vaping?

by Dic. Vape Monster City on March 20, 2018

How Much Money And Herb Can You Save By Vaping? | Vaporizer UK

While you are probably already familiar with the idea that vaping represents a number of advantages when compared to smoking weed, you may not be aware that making the switch not only saves you money but it also conserves herbs too so you can get better value for money. Only 25% of the active ingredients in weed are delivered when using a joint or a pipe, however up to 82.7% can be delivered in vapour when vaping. Since there is also no side smoke when using a vaping device, you can see how you're getting much better value when you vape instead of smoke.

Studies Prove Vaping Better Value Than Smoking Or Edibles | Vaporizer UK

A study carried out by Bedrocan BV in the Netherlands has revealed that vaping allows users to get more out of their herbs. Even better, once you've finished vaping, you can even use the leftovers to produce your own edibles getting double value!

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How Much Cash Can You Save By Vaping? | Vaporizer UK

Imagine you paid £50 for some weed. If we look at the percentage of active ingredient that is delivered through each method, you can quickly see the savings you can make:


  • The lowest amount of active ingredient delivered via vaping according to the California NORML and MAPS study is 46%
  • Smoking weed delivers just 25%

When you compare these different percentages, you can quickly see that you can enjoy the same effect while using less weed when you vape. So let's look at the maths to see the cost differences:

  • Vaping: £50 x 0.46 = £23
  • Smoking: £50 x 0.25 = £12.50
  • £23-12.50=£11.50 savings through vaping

If you then project those figures forward, you can see that you will save a lot more money over the course of a month and a year e.g:

  • Four weeks at a saving of £11.50 per week = £46 savings per month
  • Twelve months at a saving of £46 per month = £552 savings per year

While these are very rough figures, you can see instantly that you are going to make a saving by switching to vaping weed instead of smoking it. Whether you spend more or less each week on your dry herbs, you're sure to see great value for money.

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Investing In A Vaping Device | Vaporizer UK

For those who are used to the low initial outlay of simply rolling a joint, the idea of paying for a potentially expensive vaping device can prove intimidating. However, although switching to vaping weed will incur an outlay cost for your initial equipment set up, you will soon find that the cost pays for itself through the savings that you'll make over time. With no more wasting herb through side smoke, investing in a device such as the Cloud V Diamond will ensure you make efficient use of your weed, saving you product as well as money for a more cost-effective and satisfying vaping experience.

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