How To Avoid A Disappointing Vape

by Dic. Vape Monster City on September 28, 2017

How To Avoid A Disappointing Vape

There's nothing more disappointing that settling down for a weed vaping session and realising that it doesn't live up to your expectations. If you're new to vaping weed, you could even be put off if you don't enjoy your first few tries and end up going back to smoking joints with all of the associated negative health consequences.


So, why are you having a poor vaping experience? Here are some of the main causes:


  • Your choice of vaporizer isn't suited to your preferred vaping style
  • You're expecting the same effect as when you smoke weed
  • You're using your vaporizer incorrectly


The good news is that you can solve the first two problems by simply doing your research properly and knowing what to expect. If you're looking for a good weed vaporizer in UK you need to dodo plenty of homework and find out which are the right ones to get the kind of experience you're looking for. However, the third issue is a little more difficult to resolve, and you may need to experiment and practice before you get it right.


Here are some of the main problems you may be having, and some tips about how to resolve them.


You're Using The Incorrect Temperature


You'll need to use a different temperature depending on your vaping needs. If you set your temperature dial quite high, you'll have an experience that is similar to smoking, and the effects will be stronger but – and it's a big but – usually you'll lose some flavour. Using very high temperatures will produce a taste not dissimilar to burnt popcorn and you'll also end up with harsh vapour. Here's a quick guide to the kinds of temperatures you might want to use:


Low – 320 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit – this will have a weak effect but will have a better flavour

Mid – 356 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit – this will have a moderate physical and mental effect and good flavour

High – 392 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit – intense physical and mental effects but a harsher flavour


You Aren't Grinding Your Herb Properly


Depending on which dry herb vaporizer you're using, you'll need a different grind. Some won't need any grinding at all. If you have a conduction vaporizer such as like the Boundless CFC, you'll need to grind up the herb as finely as possible as it has to be compact to allow the heat to be transferred between the particles when using conduction heating. Also, the more finely ground your herb is, the more of its particles will make contact to the heating chamber's heated waters for better and more evenly heating. If you have a convection vaporizer you'll need maximum airflow in the chamber so a finer grind is what you're looking for.


You're Packing Your Vaporizer Incorrectly


Packing the vaporizer properly is the only way to get impressive vapour clouds but you need to get it right depending on what kind of heating system you have. For a conduction model you'll need to it be tightly packed but with a small amount of airflow. With a convection model, loose packing is best as plenty of airflow is the key. Never fill a convection model more than 90% full and avoid compressing it down.


You're Drawing Incorrectly


When vaping weed, you'll often find your vaporizer will work better if you sip rather than rip i.e. have a controlled draw that lasts for around 10 seconds.


Your Vaporizer Is Dirty


If your vape tastes bad or your clouds are wispy, your vaporizer is probably dirty. Always clean the herb chamber, vapour path and screen clear of herb debris using Q tips that have been tipped in ISO alcohol.


Follow these tips and you'll find that you'll have a greatly improved weed vaping experience!