Is My Weed Vaporizer Safe To Use?

by Dic. Vape Monster City on November 24, 2017


While most reviews of weed vaporizers concentrate on how easy they are to use or how good their performance is, what they often don't mention is how safe they are to use. However, some weed vapers have had problems with poor quality vape pens and vaporizers, having bought them from disreputable retailers or having chosen a device which hasn't been subject to any kind of quality control procedures. If a vaporizer hasn't been thoroughly tested it could suffer from a host of problems, from dangerous batteries to hazardous temperature controls that lead to electrical fires and units which become so hot that they burn the user. Since we know that vaping weed is a lot safer for your health than smoking it, it's important to make every element of vaping equally safe by choosing a reliable product from a well known brand and from a trustworthy retailer like VapeMonsterCity.


The Dangers Of Pre-Filled Cartridges


Although pre-filled weed cartridges may seem like a convenient and easy way to vape, there are some safety issues around them. While vaporizing dry herb is known to be one of the safest ways of consuming weed, the components which are found in many weed vape oils may actually cause harm by transforming into carcinogens when they are heated. The thinning agents which are used in many of these oils transform into acetaldehyde and formaldehyde which have been linked to medical problems such as skin irritations, sore eyes, scratchy, dry throat, sleep problems and nausea.


How To Avoid These Dangers


There are several ways in which you can make your weed vaping safer. Sourcing the best possible products is very important to restrict the risk that you face. Choosing only products which have been tested and which are organic is one idea, however the best thing that you can do is to switch from pre-filled oil cartridges to a dry herb vaporizer.


Studies have been performed into desktop devices like the Volcano Vaporizer which has shown them to be very safe and effective. Whereas in vape pens the heating element may potentially get so hot that smouldering can occur which could cause some of the oil to combust, the Volcano device uses cutting edge technology and has been rigorously tested to ensure that this does not occur. As long as you use high quality dry herb, this a great choice of device for a safe and pleasurable vape.


Is Vaping Still Safer Than Smoking Weed?


Despite all of the controversy about whether or not vape pens are a safe option for vaping weed, it is still important to note that vaping is still considered by experts to be much better for your health than smoking weed, so you should not be put off making the switch. Nevertheless, you should still take the time to research which devices are safe and only buy from a reputable retailer to ensure you are as safe as possible as you enjoy your vape.