Linx Vaporizers – Award Winning Vaping

by Dic. Vape Monster City on October 01, 2017

Linx Vaporizers – Award Winning Vaping


If you're looking for an award winning vape, you'd be hard pushed to find a better choice than a Linx vaporizer. This California based manufacturer has caused a stir in the vaping market with its cutting edge concentrate pens and dry herb devices, all of which take the user experience to new and innovative levels.


Linx Gaia

Linx Gaia UK

The Linx Gaia is an exciting hybrid of convection/conduction technology which features a pioneering quartz heating chamber that is the first of its kind in the industry. Simple to load, the Gaia is incredibly user friendly with only three buttons – one to switch it on and off, and two to lower or raise the temperature. If you love to customise your vape to a precise temperature, this advanced device allows you to do that easily up to a maximum of 220 C and the pure flavour produced by the quartz chamber means that you can enjoy a smooth vape without any lingering aftertaste that you sometimes get from ceramics.


As soon as you open the box you can see and feel the quality of this vaping device. Its sleek design is super-stylish with smooth lines and a brushed aluminium finish that almost makes it a fashion accessory. With around a 2 hour battery life, you'll get a decent amount of vaping time with the Gaia before you need to recharge and you shouldn't have too much difficult in carrying this device out and about with you. Although not the most discreet device, it looks enough like a standard box mod to pass in public and with its attractive LED display, it'll be noticed for all the right reasons.


Linx Ares

Linx Ares UK

Looking for a concentrate vaporizer with something new and exciting to offer? The Linx Ares is an innovative “honey straw” device which means you never need to load a chamber, just place the heated end directly into the wax container and inhale from there. Beautifully constructed in strong stainless steel, this durable device isn't going to break easily, and the ceramic rod evenly and continuously heats the wax for the best possible user experience. Both flavour and vapour are impressive with this cool gadget and it couldn't be easier to use with just a single button design.


When it comes to design, this sleek device looks stylish and is a great size for carrying out and about. Although it isn't an especially discreet vape pen due to the fact you need to carry your wax around with you, it's a great choice for vaping at home or with friends.


Linx Hypnos Zero

Linx Hypnos Zero UK


If good things come in small packages, the Linx Hypnos Zero must be perfect! Ultra-portable, this tiny device is only slightly more than 4” in size, however still manages to deliver all of the power of a much bigger device. It couldn't be easier to carry this device anywhere you want to go, and there is no more slim and discreet vape. The Hypnos Zero has a wide selection of settings, and although it won't produce enormous clouds, it does produce some pretty impressive flavour with its glass mouthpiece that ensures smoothness without a scratchy throat hit.


Quick to heat, this wax vape is easy to load and is super-simple to use thanks to the four air holes which make inhalation easier and which also help to prevent the waxes and oils from clogging up your dab pen. The 510 eGo style battery has plenty of juice too, and can go for a whole day without needing to recharge. Even when the battery runs out, there's no worries since it can go from empty to full in less than 2 hours.


Whether you prefer concentrates or dry herb, you're going to find a Linx vaporizer to suit you. With cutting edge features and impressive design, your vape will also be a fashion statement!