More About Herb Grinders – How Do Teeth, Magnets And Holes Affect Your Vape?

by Dic. Vape Monster City on October 19, 2017

If you're ready to invest in a herb grinder you might be feeling a bit confused by all of the different options on the market. Even if you've already decided on the material you want your grinder to be made from – metal, wood or acrylic – you may not have considered some of the other features that the best grinders today have to offer.


Three of the elements that you may not have considered are the teeth, magnets and the holes of your grinder. In fact, you may not even have thought that there were any differences between models, however you would be wrong. The number of teeth, types of magnets and the type of holes that a grinder has can have a marked effect on the quality of your ground herb, so here, we look at what to watch out for when making your purchasing decisions.


What Should I Know About Grinder Teeth?


When choosing a grinder, do some research into how many teeth your chosen product has. The top performing herb grinders with a diameter or around 2.5 inches should have around 50 teeth. If your grinder has less than that number but is the same size, it will not perform as well. The more grinding teeth your grinder has, the more thoroughly your herbs will be ground and the better your vaping experience will be.


While you're focusing on your grinder's teeth, take a look at their shape too as this also has significance. The majority of the top performing aluminium herb grinders have teeth with a diamond shape, but some grinders have teeth with a square shape with sharp corners, or even with narrow long lines and sharp edges. Of all of the above choices, the classic diamond shape is the best for grinding herb.


What Should I Know About Hole Patterns?


While it may not be something that you immediately think of when choosing a herb grinder, each one has its own unique hole pattern which allows the ground herb to fall down into the 2nd compartment. Some of the top grinders have a circular hole pattern which allows a lot of herb to easily fall through, however some others, such as the Santa Cruz Shredder, has oval holes instead. Grinders with a circular shaped hole generally ensure that the herb is completely ground before falling into the second compartment.


What Should I Know About Magnets?


The top performing herb grinders feature magnets which ensure that the lid remains connected to the chamber. This ensures that when you twist the lid to grind the herb the lid has less chance of coming off and the contents getting spilled. You should always choose a grinder that has strong magnets. Neodymium magnets are the ones you should be looking for and there should be one in the second piece and on in the lid. Two magnets are necessary for aluminium grinders since aluminium isn't actually magnetic despite being a metal. Check to make sure that the magnets are securely fixed on so that they won't fall off over time.