Need A Portable E-Nail? The Cloud V Electro Could Be The Answer

by Dic. Vape Monster City on September 19, 2017

Need A Portable E-Nail? The Cloud V Electro Could Be The Answer


If you're ready to move on from the old traditional torch method of heating a nail for vaping, an e-nail is the way of the future. Sometimes called an electronic bong or eRig, an eNail offers vapers the chance to dial in an exact temperature for an even better hit. This cutting edge solution makes light work of dabbing, and now that you can buy a portable device, you can even dab on the go!When you're looking for a high quality portable e-nail that you can rely on, the Cloud V Electro stands out from the crowd.


Turning Up The Heat


Getting the temperature just right for dabbing can be tricky, especially when using the old school methods, but the Cloud V Electro makes it a breeze. Its first setting is 800 degrees Fahrenheit and its second is 1000 degrees, which is enough to impress even before taking into account any of its other features. Changing between the two temperatures is incredibly user-friendly too, since you just hold down the power button, and you can spot straight away when your chosen temperature has been reached as the LED lights turn solid to alert you. You won't need to wait too long either, since the process of heating up to temperature takes less than 20 seconds.

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Staying In Charge


Charging the Cloud V Electro is pretty convenient whichever of the two methods you choose. Either opt for the charging base unit which, in turn, it connected to a USB port or adapter, or just use the charging port which is under the base of the battery. The green LED light shows that you're fully charged and ready to vape.


Head In The Clouds


You won't need to worry about your vapour quality when you use this e-Rig. The Cloud V Electro is incredibly efficient, ensuring you not only get the maximum effect from your concentrate, but you also get tasty and powerful, draws. The glass water attachment filters and cools the vapour, making sure your clouds will be smooth and flavourful for a better experience.


On The Go


Although portability isn't really something that goes well with any e-Rig device, the Cloud V Electro has a good attempt at it. The pieces can disassemble and be carried around with you in a carrying case wherever you want to go, and when fully assembled it only stands at around 30 cm in height and just 4.5 cm in diameter. The battery life is also pretty good for use on the go since it will last for around 45 minutes if used consistently on a full charge. As it weighs only 560 grams, it's also light enough to take anywhere, although it's never going to be the most discreet vaping device!


If you're ready to dab on the move, the Cloud V Electro is a great choice. With stylish good looks, reliable performance and great clouds, you're sure to be impressed.