So who are Boundless you ask? Well here is some info straight from BV's About page.....

Boundless Vape Technology was founded with a passion for the advancement of vaporization technology and advocacy for the rights of the vaping community. We aim at delivering an affordable, reliable, and efficient experience for the consumer while developing new methods that are able to achieve the highest of effectiveness at delivering medication.
There have been many stigmas in the vaping community, especially between the e-juice and cannabis communities, and we aim at uniting these two sides for the advocacy of our rights. Join us and rise Above the Clouds to support a future where users of medicinal and recreational products can enjoy themselves, without the byproducts of carcinogens or inhalation of unknown chemicals during the combustion process.
Boundless Vaporizers have came out of nowhere but seem to have been getting great reviews wherever they have landed! Vape Monster City now stocks both the CFX and the CF unit, the two vaporizer models shine through due to being very reasonably priced while managing to pack a punch load of premium features such as adjustable heat settings, the ability to vape both herb and concentrates and incorporating a rapid heat up time of about 20 seconds to name just a few.
Look out for a review soon!