Kandypens are now available in store

Always adding to the ever growing vaporizer inventory, Vape Monster City now also stock Kandypens. Based in California these vaporizer pens have exploded in the States and it is almost impossible to watch a hip hop video without kandypens making a sneaky appearance. To list just just a few Artist videos these cheeky vapes have found fame in are: Kanye West & Nas, Fat Joe, Kid Ink, 50 Cent and Jadakiss, Impressive right! On top of this Kandypens have collected a few prestigious awards along the way such as “Best Vaporizer" Award from High Times Magazine and "Top Vape Pen for Wax 2016" by The Vape Critic. So I think we can both agree these vapes have got to be worth having in our store.


So what Kandypens have we got in store.

Well unfortunately we haven't managed to get hold of their complete vaporizer range but have got some of the favorites in. 

KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen

Kandypens Galaxy

The Galaxy vaporizer pen is specifically designed for concentrates and performs extremely well, so well in fact that in won the title of being one of the Vape Critics personal favourites. The Galaxy is a good looking piece of kit, subtle but stylish and available in store in two colours, black or pink. The thing that obviously makes it stand out is that it does its job well, extremely well and the reason for this is that Kandypens have put a lot of thought into its overall design. The Kandypens Galaxy for starters has a heating chamber different to other concentrate pens alike, it has a Quartz crystal-lined chamber with two titanium coils wrapped around two quartz rods. The thing with Quartz is that it handles concentrates much better without any or little absorption giving a much cleaner taste to your vapor and getting rid of any undesirable burnt tastes. The airflow and draw on the Kandypens Galaxy is also really good and features 3 temperature settings, a reasonably good battery life combined with a lifetime warranty (battery)

KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer Pen

Kandypens Gravity

Another award winning vape here, the Kandypens Gravity also features some top draw stuff similar to the Galaxy concentrate pen above. Available in stealth black and again holding a very elegant appeal, The Gravity vape pen hands you the best of both worlds by providing you with a choice. The Quartz crystal chamber with Dual Quartz rods and titanium coils or the coil-less chamber with Ceramic Dish/plate. These are both excellent and will provide different characteristics to depend on your taste preference. It features four temperature settings and again holds the same great battery warranty. 

KandyPens Slim Kit

Kandypens slim kit pen vaporizer

The Slim kit is designed more specifically for the beginner in my opinion it is a cheaper option price wise for someone just starting out that doesn't want to spend an awful lot for their first time. The slim kit can only handle oils and e-liquids but like the rest of the kandypens range it works really well and once again holds that premium look and feel. Also worth mentioning is that it holds the same battery warranty as the pens above. 


Well that is all from me on the Kandypens range, these I hope you can agree are all great additions to the Vape Monster city store. Feel free to comment below and have a nice day all.