Positive Weed Outlook On Weed From Mainstream TV

by Dic. Vape Monster City on January 17, 2018

Positive Weed Outlook On Weed From Mainstream TV


Any UK weed vaper will almost certainly have been glued to their television over the last month as some of the United Kingdom's best known mature celebrities publicly tried weed as part of an ITV programme designed to demonstrate the benefits of the green stuff.

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British media isn't well known for its positive viewpoints over the use of weed for any purpose, either recreational or medicinal, so it was refreshing to see a programme on one of the UK's mainstream channels which was effectively promoting its use and pointing out its advantages, especially for those who are suffering from unwanted symptoms.


“Gone To Pot” took a lighthearted look at the advantages of using weed to treat a range of health conditions, and involved some of TV's biggest names including actress Linda Robson, Pam St Clement (best known as Pat in Eastenders), veteran actor Christopher Biggins and celebrity darts player Bobbby George as well as John Fashanu, a TV presenter and retired footballer.


Public Treatment Of Health Problems


As part of the programme, the celebrities travelled to the USA to the state of California, where medicinal weed use is now mainstream to see if they could find relief from their own various medical problems. The result was an entertaining and thought provoking show which raised the possibilities that we could enjoy in the UK if medicinal weed was made legal.


Each of the celebrities was looking for a way of reducing the pain and unpleasant symptoms they experience from their various health problems which include menopausal symptoms, polymyalgia rheumatica, arthritis, hip pain and back problems.

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An Examination Of Consumption Possibilities


As part of their magical mystery tour, the elderly stars tried several ways of consuming weed including smoking it, applying it and eating it, with some of the more interesting options including a painting and cannabis class and conversations with weed-using nuns. From snacking on weed infused ice cream to enjoying a bong, this programme was certainly revelatory and resulted in a very positive and well balanced presentation on this controversial topic. Despite John Fashanu's unwillingness to try the green stuff, the other celebrities were keen to try it out for themselves, and even when indulging in too many infused treats led to a couple of the crew feeling a little worse for wear, the evidence still pointed overwhelmingly in favour of the drug's use, with Pam St Clement visibly enjoying her weed vaping experience during a house BBQ party.


Opening The Discussion About CBD


At the end of the entertaining three part series, the celebrities discussed the effects of weed on their medical problems, and also talked about the availability of CBD oil in the UK which is entirely legal and can be found being sold as a health supplement in high street stores and online in forms such as drops, vaping oils a can help to alleviate a number of conditions which involve inflammation and pain.

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