Should Older People Vape Weed?

by Dic. Vape Monster City on November 15, 2017

While the stereotypical weed vaper may be young, in fact increasing numbers of older people have started using dry herb, especially in the USA where it is now becoming legal in several states. While many people think that the elderly shouldn't use weed because it could possibly cause cognitive impairments, in fact evidence has shown that it seems to have a completely opposite effect in pensioners. Studies that have recently been carried out on elderly mice have shown that rather than impairing the memory and learning abilities as it can in younger users, weed use actually seems to reverse the mental decline that is related to age. So, what benefits can vaping weed bring to older people?


Benefits For The Aging Brain


When the brains of the mice involved in the study were examined, scientists discovered that the neurons in the brain's hippocampus (which is key to memory and learning) had actually sprouted synaptic spines which help neurons to communicate, and even their gene-expression pattern had reverted to one that was similar to younger animals. These findings suggest that cannabinoids may have an anti-ageing effect on the brain. In older people, the cannabinoid system's activity decreases, but if externally produced cannabinoids from weed are introduced it appears that the signs of brain ageing can be reversed.


The main function of the body's cannabinoid system is to regulate neuron activity in the brain, suppressing excess activity to guard against neurotoxicity. If that protection is restored by using weed, the brain can be safeguarded against the cellular stress which contributes to the ageing process.


Benefits For The Ageing Body


As we get older, we tend to suffer more from a range of medical conditions which can limit our enjoyment in life. Problems like arthritis, back pain, joint pain, and a host of other serious issues are much more common in the elderly than in younger people. Weed is known to relieve the pain associated with these conditions while causing fewer unpleasant side effects than many prescription medications. Many older people also suffer from appetite loss, which can be dangerous, however weed can boost the appetite helping sufferers to regain a healthy body weight.


Why Choose Vaping?


For older people considering vaping weed to improve their quality of life and to delay the symptoms of mental ageing, the first question that they may ask is how to consume it. While smoking is the most common method, it is linked to all kinds of medical issues including cancer due to the harmful chemicals produced during the combustion process. Smoking weed is especially dangerous for older people since it raises the chances of them suffering from high blood pressure and heart attacks. Vaping, however, is a much safer method with none of the dangerous carcinogens involved. A simple, user-friendly weed vape pen such as the G-Pen is an ideal device for older people who are looking for a convenient and safe way to try weed and to experience the benefits for themselves.