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    Will Vaping Weed Cure My Migraines?

    Will Vaping Weed Cure My Migraines?

    For centuries, weed has been used for many therapeutic purposes, and one of them is to treat migraines. Anyone who has ever been a sufferer of this painful condition knows how debilitating a migraine or cluster headaches can be, and for those who suffer regularly and who find no relief from traditional medication, weed could be the ideal alternative.

    What Is A Migraine?

    Migraine headaches are much worse than standard headaches, with more intense pain that lasts for longer. Migraines can last from a little as 4 hours right up to 72, with the primary symptom being a severe headache accompanied by other symptoms such as increased sensitivity to sound, light and smell as well as nausea or vomiting. Some sufferers find migraines so debilitating that they are unable to work or carry out basic activities. Sometimes they need to stay in a quiet, darkened room until their symptoms have subsided. Migraines are triggered by a number of factors including stress, bright lights, hunger, lack of sleep, allergies, jet lag, loud sounds, perfumes or smells, tobacco smoke, alcohol, dehydration, medications and some foods.

    The History Of Using Weed To Treat Migraine

    As long ago as 400 BC weed was being used to treat migraines in the east, however even in the west weed was being used as early as the 1830s to reduce pain and relax muscles. It was 1840 when weed was first used to treat headaches and by the 1850s it was being recommended as a daily treatment to prevent migraines from occurring. Although it fell from favour among medical professionals for many years, in recent times it has started to be used once more as studies have shown that weed can treat a number of conditions. In 2016, a formal study about weed use for migraines was published which proved that it could reduce the number of migraines suffered from 10.4 every month down to 4.6 in a month.

    Why Does Weed Help Treat Migraines?

    The human body has an endocannabinoid system which regulates its vital functions, including its sensitivity to pain. When the CB1 receptors in the brain are activated, dopamine is released while serotonin and other neurotransmitters are inhibited, and this helps to cure headaches. When the CB2 receptors are activated they have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect which again can help to treat headaches. The cannabinoids in weed imitate the cannabinoids in the body, having an identical effect on the brain's CB1 and CB2 receptors. As many people who suffer from chronic migraines are deficient in an endocannabinoid called anandamide, consuming weed boosts the endocannabinoid system's activity to help stop the migraines.


    Vaping As The Most Effective Method Of Consumption

    The study carried out in 2016 into the use of weed to treat migraines also showed that some methods of weed consumption were more effective than others for delivering treatment for migraines. Vaping came out on top since it makes it simple for patients to monitor their dosage and the effect is very quick to relieve pain.

    Athletes and Weed Vaping

    Athletes and Weed Vaping

    It has recently been revealed that increasing numbers of endurance athletes have turned to weed to improve their physical performance, but is it a good idea, and does it actually work? While many people would say that weed use seems to be at odds with the healthy lifestyle promoted by sportsmen and women, in fact these users would say that it is a key part of their fitness regime and an important element in healthy living. From runners to bodybuilders, and from skiers to mountain bikers, athletes who participate in an astounding array of sports from the mainstream to the niche are discovering the benefits of using weed.

    Why Do Athletes Use Weed?

    One of the reasons that professional athletes give for using weed is that it can improve their mindset. By making them more aware of their body and its sensations, they can enjoy their sport more whilst also having a stronger focus on their skills. Not only that, but for those who participate in endurance sports which can be hard on the body, weed use can relieve the muscle aches and pains that inevitably occur afterwards. It can also help competitors to relax before participating in a competition and to sleep better the night before a big event. Since it also boosts impulsive responses, it can help athletes to take more risks without affecting their ability to make decisions, something that can be extremely beneficial during competitions.

    Weed And Natural Body Processes

    Interestingly, research has revealed that when people exercise, cannabinoids are produced naturally in the body. When athletes take weed, it copies the natural process of boosting those endocannabinoids which are induced by exercise.

    Why Vaping?

    Although increasing numbers of athletes are turning to weed, they are turning to vaping rather than smoking. This is because they are still in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, and inhaling the carcinogens and dangerous chemicals which are produced during combustion while smoking is hardly in line with those aims. Smoking weed damages the lungs, which can have severe consequences for anyone, but especially for an athlete, however, vaping causes no harm to the lungs, making it the healthiest way to use weed. By using a discreet portable vaping device like the Davinci IQ vaporizer before exercising, they can boost their performance whilst minimising the discomfort experienced after a vigorous workout.

    Is It Safe For Athletes To Vape Weed?

    While some people consider weed to be like a performance enhancing drug, this definition isn't particularly accurate. Completely different to hormones which can stimulate muscle growth or increase blood cells, weed is a natural substance which just happens to improve focus while training. However, experts do warm that at the present time there is still a lack of research into the subject, and as different strains have different amounts of THC and CBD they can have different effects on the body. More studies are needed to fully understand the benefits for athletes, however it certainly appears at the present time that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

    Why Does Vaping Weed Give Me Red Eyes And How Can I Treat It?

    Why Does Vaping Weed Give Me Red Eyes And How Can I Treat It?

    Smoking weed known for causing telltale red eyes. People switching to vaping weed instead, they expect that problem to go away.

    Mistakenly thinking that the redness was due to the smoke produced. However, a few vaping sessions, they soon realise that they were wrong and the red eyes return with a vengeance.

    This is because, the smoke doesn't help. It is the weed itself and not the method through which it's consumed that causes the condition.

    Why Does Weed Give Me Red Eyes?

    The main reason weed causes users to get red eye is because of the THC compound which it contains.

    When you consume weed by any method, including vaping. The THC in it interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptor cells in the brain causing a number of effects. One of those effects is to lower blood pressure.

    When this happens, the blood vessels dilate and blood flow increases around the vaper's body. This results in the arteries inside the eye expanding, causing them to look red and bloodshot.

    Boundless CFX Vaporizer UK

    Is There Any Positive Side To Red Eye From Weed?

    Although most people would rather not suffer from red eyes when they vape weed. In fact its ability to dilate the blood vessels and to increase the blood flow inside the eyes makes it a promising treatment for a condition called glaucoma. Caused by increased pressure inside the eyes and which, over time, can lead to vision loss.

    As weed can dilate the blood vessels inside the eye it can improve blood flow which lowers the pressure inside the eyes for short periods. Therefore, weed may help sufferers to find relief from this medical condition.

    How Can I Treat Red Eyes Caused By Vaping Weed?

    If you're keen to hide the red eyes that you are experiencing every time you vape weed. You will want to know what you can do to rectify the problem or at least to make it less noticeable. Some of the tricks that you can try:

    • Use chemical eye drops. These will give you speed relief from the symptoms of red eye, enabling you to stay discreet every time you vape. Put a few drops in each eye and in a few minutes the redness should disappear.
    • Use artificial tears. This type of eye drop is designed to for use by patients who have dry eye syndrome. As they are for using regularly they are gentler on the eyes than chemical drops but used in the same way. by putting a few drops into the eyes after vaping and waiting for the symptoms to disappear.
    • Consume foods and drinks that make your blood pressure rise again. Since the eyes go red because of lowered blood pressure. If you eat salty foods or consume beverages which contain caffeine, your blood pressure will rise again causing your eyes to return to normal.

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      Simple Yet Beautiful – The Magic Flight Launch Box

      Magic Flight Launch Box UK

      Simple Yet Beautiful – The Magic Flight Launch Box


      For those who are looking for the most cutting edge and advanced vaporizer on the market, the Magic Flight Launch Box might not even register on the horizon. However, don't count out this clever little device too quickly. While it may not be today's most technologically advanced vaporizer, its simplicity really is its true beauty. While there is always going to be a market for all singing, all dancing newly launched vaporizers with Bluetooth, app compatibility and a plethora of heat settings, the Magic Flight Launch Box is almost zen-like in its simplicity. Inexpensive and yet beautifully crafted, you'd be hard put to find a more attractive design.


      Stylish And Hand-Carved


      Every single device is carved by hand in California, and its stylish yet rustic wooden shell wouldn't look out of place in a display cabinet let alone in your pocket. With almost a retro appeal, this cute little gadget is small and convenient enough to take anywhere, and will easily slide into your bag or pocket on a night out. It may be affordable, but you certainly won't be fooled into thinking the Magic Flight Launch Box is cheap and nasty. You can literally feel the quality and care in its workmanship. Choose from three types of wood – walnut, cherry or maple, each with an exceptional finish and lustrous sheen, and which are so strong and reliable that you won't need to worry about breakage. Unlike other wooden vaporizers, the Magic Flight Launch Box is also a completely silent vape, with no gushing of air or crackling at all. How discreet can you get!

      Magic Flight Vaporizer UK


      Simple To Use


      Although some newcomers to the Magic Flight Launch Box complain that it's hard to use, in fact it's a learning curve that you can easily come to terms with. While there isn't the level of manual control that you get from some of the other devices on the market, the battery makes this device incredibly user friendly. The heating elements activate as soon as the rechargeable batteries are pressed into the unit and your dry herb will begin to heat virtually immediately. When you release the pressure, the heat switches off, allowing you complete control over the amount of vapour you produce. While it may not, at first glance, appear to give you the same amount of control over your experience as you would expect from a modern device, in fact it is actually the epitome of control, in the manual sense. Rather than relying on technology to control your vape for you, you can take it upon yourself to make the dense clouds you're looking for or ensure the the draw resistance is perfect for your tastes. Half of the challenge is learning how to control your breath speed and the length of your draw, but once you've conquered it, you'll enjoy a quality of vape you've never enjoyed before, and you'll have advanced your weed vaping skills to boot.


      When you need a dry herb vaporizer in UK that you can rely on and which offers something a little different from the norm, the eye catching Magic Flight Launch Box is ideal for you. The perfect addition to any weed vaper's collection, it will certainly attract attention for all the right reasons!


      Which Are The Best Luxury Weed Vaping Accessories?

      Santa Cruz Shredder UK

      Which Are The Best Luxury Weed Vaping Accessories?


      Choosing weed vaping devices and accessories is starting to get more difficult than ever since the range available is expanding on virtually a daily basis. From the cheap and cheerful to luxurious and expensive, there are vaporizers, grinders and a host of other accessories available at price points to suit every budget.


      While low cost may be great when you're first starting out with weed vaping, after a while the point comes when you're ready to invest a little more in the experience. If you want to maximise every vape you'll probably be starting to think about choosing some luxury items to add to your collection – and why not!


      Here is your guide to some of the best luxury weed vaping accessories so that you can decide which ones to add to your Christmas list this year!


      Volcano Digital Vaporizer

      Volcano Vaporizer UK

      If you like to get your fix in the comfort of your own home, a luxury vaporizer is a great investment, and they don't come more luxurious than the Volcano Digital. This device is probably the best weed vaporizer in UK, coming from the top Volcano brand. Suitable for both dry herb and oils alike, this technologically advanced device has a stylish cone design and uses cutting edge technology to remove harmful by-products and toxins while intensifying the effect of the weed's active ingredients by up to 75%. The top feature of this device is its customised LED temperature display which ranges from 104 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit for a completely personalised experience. You're sure to be impressed by this device's performance as well as its good looks – you won't want to hide this one away, even when the family come around to call!


      Santa Cruz Shredder

      Santa Cruz Shredder UK

      When you want to be sure that you're grinding your herbs in the best possible way, the Santa Cruz shredder is hard to beat. Although it may seem expensive for a grinder, you can rest assured you're getting a quality gadget here, made from anodized medical grade aluminium and incorporating new herb shredding technology. This device is leading the way with its revolutionary threading pattern and tooth design, and its rare earth magnet which is used to close the lid. With a bottom that has been specifically designed for scooping using your finger and a premoim textured grip, this is a great choice for anyone who suffers from wrist or hand pain, or who just wants to be sure that they're investing in quality.


      FireFly 2 Vaporizer

      Firefly 2 UK

      When you want the best of both worlds, the Firefly 2 is a luxurious portable vaporizer that is certain to impress. This is a top portable dry herb vaporizer in UK and it can also be used for oils too for extra versatility. Its compact design makes it a breeze to take wherever you want to go and its wide temperature range means that you can achieve the perfect customised vape. With a super-fast charging battery and app compatibility, this cutting edge device is a market leader, and yet is incredibly simple to use, producing amazing results thanks to its dynamic convection technology.