The DaVinci IQ is nearly here!!

by Dic. Vape Monster City on January 14, 2017

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the IQ vape the newest edition from DaVinci since they released the Ascent which is also an amazing vaporizer and well ahead of its time when it hit the shelves a few years ago and still easily holds its own today with its newer counterparts on the current market.
So I have been told the IQ is on the way and will be available for delivery before February 1st! You are welcome to pre order yours now and of course all pre-orders will be prioritized and fulfilled as fast as possible so you can be the first to get your hands on this beauty.

You can look at the full blurb about the DaVinci IQ here, but I thought I would also highlight a few of the interesting and useful features of the IQ below.

1. First of the heating chamber is made from a material called ceramic zirconia instead of the usual standard ceramic that most top vaporizers use. So what is zirconia and why have DaVinci decided to use it in the newest vaporizer in their arsenal? Well zirconia is a material with very high resistance to cracking as well as many other things that are honestly over my head (read the full wiki on it here) but it is nice to see a vaporizer pushing forward in the market and making changes, possible advances in the game of vapes.

2. Replaceable 18650 Battery is a great feature on vaporizers today as it gives you the ability to just swap out you flat battery for another and keep on vaping. 18650 batteries are easily available online now and gives you the ability to own a few spare batteries and never suffer a flat and unusable vaporizer again due to lack of power.

3. Precision temp control ranging from 250-430° F is a great feature further made better by giving you an android / ios app to tinker with these settings. To me precision temp control is wasted as I am happy with the one or two of the usual pre-set temperatures most of the time but never or less it is nice to have the option even if you don’t use it very often.

4. It has a supposed heat up time of 16 seconds (to 230f) which is extremely fast for a portable vape.

5. 10 year warranty. This is always a great sign that the company really believes in and stands behind their product and build quality.

Okay so that is all from me on the DaVinci IQ. Again if you wish to pre-order it and receive it before 1st of February click on the link below.

Alternatively if you can’t wait for DaVinci’s new king on its mantelpiece or it is simply not for you or out of your price range take a look at the new Boundless range, the CF or more high tech CFX. These in my opinion are cracking portable vaporizers capable of vaping herbs as well as concentrates and are extremely well priced for what you get.