The Dr Dabber Boost Vaporizer

by Dic. Vape Monster City on March 28, 2017

The Dr Dabber Boost Vaporizer

Dr Dabber have really expanded their range of concentrate vaporizers and grown into a well-known name in the business, they even have a few awards kicking about, given to them by high times magazine. With many wax pens to their name such as the Dr Dabber Ghost and Dr Dabber Aurora, they only have the one E-Rig, The portable Dr Dabber Boost. Currently there are only a few portable E-Rigs on the current market to choose from, currently Vape Monster City only have to available, this and the Cloud V Electro.

What is a E-Rig Vaporizer?

Portable E-nail vaporizers, also known as E-Rigs use an electronic heating element to vaporize wax and oil concentrates in conjunction with a glass attachment or water pipe for vapor cooling. A portable e-nail vaporizer replaces the traditional method of using a flame torch method to heat up the nail prior to vaporization. Portable E-Nail Vaporizers are generally safer than the traditional style torch vaporizers and perform very similar reaching the correct temperature to vaporize with little risk of combustion happening to your concentrates.

Dr Dabber Boost UK

The Dr Dabber Boost Vaporizer

 The Dr Dabber Boost E-Rig is well built and looks very elegant indeed, while some will say the portable E-Rigs don’t compare in performance capabilities when compared to the traditional torch style E-Rigs, personally I think the benefits of a portable E-Rig justify the small amount of performance they perhaps lose. A portable E-Rig is generally safer due to not needing an open flame torch, making it much more convenient by simply pressing a button to heat the nail instead. Also, I believe there is little chance of combusting your concentrates/wax as they are programmed to reach a precise temperature that just can’t be judged with a flame torch. The Dr Dabber Boost does its job well for these reasons alone and will soon have you dabbing away your concentrates of choice and leave a smile on your face no doubt. The Boost E-Rig stands about 10 inches tall when fully assembled when the spill resistant glass percolator is attached. Have no illusions, just because it is portable, there is little chance of simply putting it in your pocket and going off for a stroll with the intent to use it on the go. That being said it comes with a nice padded flight case that is ideal to pack it all up into when you want to transport it anywhere safely. The base holds a replaceable 18650 battery, which is handy as these are readily available online so great if you would like a spare for when the other battery is charging.  The Majority of the boosts parts join together nicely utilizing built in magnets for ease and it comes supplied with 3 different E-nails to suit your preference and needs, a titanium, ceramic and quartz nail, this is very much for user preference and I leave it for you to decide which one is your go to nail. Inside your flight case along with the unit, glass and the e-nails are other accessories such as silicone oil containers and such that comes as a nice touch to the package.

Dr Dabber Boost Uk

Using the Dr Dabber Boost Vaporizer

The Boost is relatively easy to set up the only thing that may hold you up slightly is the filling of percolator with water, but once you have managed this and attached the desired E-nail you are ready to go!

The unit is also very simple to operate once you have loaded your dab to the nail you just give the button 3 to 5 clicks depending on the type of nail you are using and away you go. The boost logo should light up and change colour to inform you to get dabbing and throw out some clouds. The dabs come through full of flavour and very smooth, the Dr Dabber Boost really makes a good job of it.

My Verdict

Dr Dabber have now updated their previous model that they sold after a few Issues but they do stand behind their warranty well and have some great customer support. The unit I have tested has worked flawlessly and hasn't let me down while using it, I think it is a great portable E-Rig for anybody in the market to dab with something a little more substantial than just a wax pen.


Dr Dabber Boost UK