The Santa Cruz Shredder – A Weed Vaper's Review

by Dic. Vape Monster City on November 04, 2017

If you're looking for a high quality grinder to get perfectly ground herb for vaping, you're probably wanting to choose something well made and reliable that's going to give you great value for money. The Santa Cruz Shredder could be perfect for you. Incorporating the latest cutting edge grinder technology, the revolutionary design of this product ensures an optimal level of performance.


A Compact Package


Whether you're grinding dry herb for medicinal or recreational reasons, the Santa Cruz Shredder is a great all-purpose choice. Made from anodized medical grade aluminium, this grinder has a diameter of 2 1/8” - considerably neater and more compact than most other products in its class making it easy to slip into a pocket.


A Grinder With Bite


Instead of featuring the classic diamond shaped teeth, the Santa Cruz Shredder features teeth in a rectangular shape with indented sides and sharp corners. With four points to each tooth instead of two, this revolutionary design means that you can get a much more thorough grind than with most other grinders on the market which use a more traditional teeth pattern.


A Cleverly Designed Bottom


Something slightly different about this grinder is its cleverly designed bottom. Created to allow for easy finger scooping, this makes this device a great choice for anyone who struggles to use a scraper to access their herb.


Textured Grip For Easy Handling


The Santa Cruz Shredder has been designed with a premium quality textured grip which not only feels pleasant to the touch but also makes twisting the lid to grind the herb much easier. It is easy to see why this grinder has been recommended for weed vapers who struggle with pain in their hands or wrists.


Unique Hole Patterns


While most grinders have round shaped holes, the Santa Cruz Shredder features oval shaped holes which ensure that even more ground herb falls into the lower chamber. With maximum hole capacity, this is a great economical design to make sure you get as much herb as possible.


Quality Magnets


There are two magnets on this grinder – one on the 2nd piece and the other on the lid. Powerful enough to hold the lid firmly in place, these magnets ensure that you won't have any problems with accidental herb spillages.


Extra Features


One of the unique features about this grinder is its availability in a wide selection of colours. Santa Cruz Shredders come in many different colours to suit your preferences and tastes. Whether you love bright shades like purple and pink or something more subtle and classy like black or grey, you can find a grinder to match your sense of style, making it a fun and eyecatching addition to your vaping gear collection. This grinder also comes complete with a kief scraper in a guitar pick design to make getting your kief out of the container a breeze.


Although the Santa Cruz Shredder isn't the cheapest grinder on the market, its superior construction, cutting edge technology and impressive performance makes it well worth the price. It certainly makes an excellent addition to your vaping gear.