The Vaporizer UK Scene

by Dic. Vape Monster City on March 14, 2017

Vaporizer UK

Vaporizer UK, with the E-Cig scene exploding here and abroad it seems a lot of folks are changing their ways and giving up that nasty old habit of smoking and going for a healthier option. In fact, even the younger generation seem to be going straight for a vaporizer and by-passing the tobacco industry altogether. Gone seem to be the days that smoking was the cool thing to do.
The Dry Herb Vaporizer UK Scene is Growing
It isn’t just the E-Cigs that are rising in popularity and trend status, the dry vaporizer is as well. A lot of the growth for the dry herb vaporizer industry I suspect comes from the United States and their slow and steady state by state legalisation of the use of Cannabis. Since this began in Colorado, the amount of dry herb vaporizer companies has grown substantially with the majority of them based in America and Canada. While I suspect, there are still a larger majority still preferring to skin up or hit the bong, I believe the tide is slowly turning with a slow and steady amount of folks deciding to take a healthier path and at least try out a dry herb vaporizer with many sticking to using it as the main source of medicating with the herbal aroma of choice. Vaping is undeniably different from smoking and it does take a little while to adjust to the new way of consuming your herbal but once the learning curve is passed and you feel your lungs loosen up and cardio improve it is undoubtedly the way forward. The dry herb vaporizer UK scene is definitely growing with more and more shops opening every day selling these beauties, it just proves there is a demand for vaporizer UK wide. Now I believe the first known herbal vaporizers were first used (as far as the historians know) by the Egyptians in and around 5BC pre-heating stones placed around their herb of choice to produce the good old vapor, and then eagle bill and his friends re-lit this fire in the early nineties with his glass pipe and the rest they say was history, with fancy and fancier dry herb vaporizers getting released more and more often. Do you think this is a fad that will soon end or is the vaporizer UK scene here to stay and make our country a little healthier, as a person who cherishes my fitness I for one hope it stays strong!

Dry Herb Vaporizer UK