Tips For Minimising The Smell When Vaping Weed

by Dic. Vape Monster City on November 08, 2017

If you used to smoke weed before making the switch to vaping, one of the first things that you'll have noticed is that there is no more lingering odour of ash and smoke which pervades the room for days. However, vaping weed still leaves a smell, and while this is very light, it could still be noticed by a sharp nosed relative or landlord! If you're looking for some tips about how to minimise the smell that is produced when you vape weed, you've come to the right place.


  1. Vaping Indoors – Ventilation Is Key

If you're vaping indoors but still need to be discreet, for example if you have disapproving roommates or you never know when a family member might pop in, it's best to open your window and vape close to it, exhaling all of the vapour out of the window as this will allow most of the aroma to go straight outside rather than into the room. Alternatively, if it's freezing outside and you'd rather keep your windows firmly closed to keep the heat in, you could switch to vaping on a low temperature setting, then take smaller hits as this will produce much less of an odour. Alternatively, you could use an empty toilet roll with cotton balls stuffed inside it, put between five and ten tumble dryer sheets into one end and then tape a dryer sheet over the end. You then exhale every hit into it to dramatically reduce the smell.

Keep Your Vape Clean

If you never clean your vaporizer, apart from the fact that it won't function efficiently, it will also start to smell. Even during normal use, weed layers will begin to build up on the vaporizer and this will smell more powerfully than usual, especially if the device is hot. Make sure you follow your device's instructions about how to clean your vaporizer properly and carry it out regularly.

Store Your Vaping Material In An Airtight Case

Your weed could be causing the smell on its own before you even start vaping it, so invest in an airtight case to keep it in. If you use a ziploc bag or other non-airtight container, the odour could seep through easily into the air.

Buy A Portable Vape

Although a desktop vaporizer like the Arizer Extreme Q are powerful and produce an excellent experience, they can't be taken out and about. If you're living in an environment where vaping indoors is just impractical or impossible, a portable vaping device such as the G-Pen Elite is an ideal solution. Small, discreet and easy to take anywhere with you in a pocket or bag, this portable vape is perfect for outdoor use as it produces only an extremely faint smell which will dissipate quickly on the breeze. As long as you empty your device before coming back home, you should keep all telltale odours out of the house.

Follow these top tips and you will be able to minimise any smell from your vaporizer whenever discretion is essential.