Tips To Extend Your Vaporizer's Lifespan

by Dic. Vape Monster City on July 11, 2017

Tips To Extend Your Vaporizer's Lifespan


Although investing in a high quality vaporizer represents the best value for money, even the best kit won't last forever, and when they break down prematurely, it is often because they become dirty and clogged due to a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. If your vaporizer isn't functioning properly you won't be able to enjoy the full benefit of the vaping experience. The good news is that there are some easy maintenance tips that you can put in place that will increase the lifespan of your vaporizer and which will save you money in the long run while ensuring that you still get a quality vape. Remember that the better you take care of your vaporizer, the longer it will last. Let's take a look at some simple maintenance steps for your dry herb vaporizer so that you can maximise its lifespan.


Removing The Contents


The first step to properly maintaining your vaporizer is to remove its heating chamber and ensure that it is completely empty by tapping is gently to remove any remaining contents. The next step is to use a cleaning brush to ensure that all of the dry particles have been removed from the screen and the chamber itself. A cleaning tool like the one in The Firefly Cleaning Kit is a great choice for getting your vaporizer spotless. Whatever you do, you should never use any water to clean either of these parts since it could damage the wirings inside which are delicate and fragile.


Cleaning The Outside Of Your Vaporizer


Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe down the outside of your vaporizer and then you can put the mouthpiece under some running water to rinse it clean. The mouthpiece is simple to clean, however it will also be the part of your vaporizer that is the dirtiest simply because it is the vapour pathway and because it attracts the majority of the residues due to its location beside the heating chamber. You can clean any dirt away from this area by using a cotton swab or cloth to gently wipe away residue. You may possibly want to use some rubbing alcohol to clean your vaporizer thoroughly, however you should always check its manufacturer's manual before you do. If you do decide to try this, ensure that it is rinsed in hot water afterwards.


Caring For Your Battery


If your vaporizer's battery isn't functioning properly it will have a shorter lifespan and will produce a poor level of performance. To get the most out of your vape, you need to maintain your battery properly to preserve its longevity. Batteries are often exposed to residue and dirt which can deteriorate it. To take care of it properly, you should always store your vaporizer upright, and make sure that the device and its battery chamber is always kept free from residue and dust. It should also be kept away from humid areas as this can also damage your vaporizer's battery. You should also always take care to use the power accessories supplied with your device in order to protect its electronic components and the battery itself.