Top 3 Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers under £150

by Dic. Vape Monster City on April 08, 2017

Top 3 Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers under £150

There are many options when it comes to choosing yourself a good portable vaporizer these days with prices from around £50 up to £300 in the UK. I thought I would go half up the spectrum and list my favourite choices for a maximum budget of £150. There a plenty of good quality portable vapes in this price range so let’s take a look and my personal favourites and why I like them.

Boundless CF Vaporizer

The Boundless CF Vaporizer is a great vaporizer for the price, similar to the volcano crafty in design but half the price. The Boundless CF is sturdy and robust, finished in a matte black rubberized coating that is ribbed for extra grip is small enough to fit in your pocket, has a large ceramic heat chamber using a mixture of conduction and convection with a total choice of five pre-fixed temperature setting’s. The Boundless CF vaporizer is also capable of vaping concentrates and you get all this for a little over £100 Bargain. If you like the Boundless CF, make sure you also take a look at its big brother the CFX. The Boundless CFX is not as pocket friendly and costs a little more, but it is packed with great features and is another great choice for under £150.

Boundless CF vaporizer UK

Apollo Airvape XS Vaporizer

The Apollo Airvape XS vaporizer has got to be the sleekest vapes on the market. At just 1cm thick this vape resembles a mobile phone appearance in looks and shape, wrapped in a sweet brushed aluminium shell and sporting a crisp 1.3-inch LCD display showing you battery level, temperature, and shutoff timer information, this vape is truly a beauty to look at. The Apollo Airvape XS vaporizer has precise temperature adjustment anywhere between 200°F to 428°F and the ability to reach the temperature in as little as 20 seconds, it features a conduction heated ceramic chamber and glass mouthpiece with a clever cool-screen airway design to help give you some cool and tasty vapor out of your dry herbs. The Apollo Airvape XS vaporizer is currently priced at £134.99 and is steal at that!

Apollo Airvape XS UK

Grizzly Guru

The Grizzly Guru vaporizer has the ability of vaping just about anything you would wish to throw at it, with a modular design allowing you to switch between different head-pieces, a dry herb chamber concentrate atomizer or E-Liquid atomizer. With this vape flexibility is definitely its main selling point and it makes a great unit for somebody looking for a vaporizer capable of everything. The other thing is, the Grizzly Guru vaporizer throws out a great vaping experience from each adapter, whether you want to vape dry herbs, concentrates or E-liquids the Guru is there to do you proud.

Grizzly Guru vaporizer UK