Top features to look out for in a Portable Vaporizer | Part 2

So here is 2nd part on what features to be looking out for in a portable vaporizer. In the first part I tried to cover in depth the most important parts of what is really critical to make a portable vaporizer function, in this part I will hopefully cover the rest!

Build Quality

Portable vaporizers come made from many different materials from metal all the way to wood, there is no right and wrong choice here as long as the manufacturing quality is good and the vape has been well made and put together, it really just down to user preference.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a portable vaporizer I would say, is very important. After all you want your vape to be as portable as possible right. If it is too big, it isn’t going to fit in your pocket and will have to be carried some other way, such as a backpack etc. If it is too heavy, it may become a burden to carry in your pocket, these two features “Size & Weight” are definitely an important factor for consideration when looking at buying yourself a portable vaporizer.

Whistles and Bells.

To some these little extras to make a vape stand out from the rest make the user experience that much better, to some they are just a marketing gimmick and couldn’t care less. I will try and cover the full range of vape extras, apologies if I have missed any out.

Pre-set or precise temperature settings

Having the option to precisely set a desired temperature is perhaps a great feature to some and I can see the benefits of finding your perfect heat setting, but on the other hand I am lazy when it comes to fiddling about in this case, and prefer to just pick from the 3 or 4 usual pre-set temperatures you find with most portable vaporizers. So, in this case the choice here is very much a personal preference.

Auto shut-off timer

A great feature on any vaporizer, it helps save your battery and gives some safety reassurance that you won’t be leaving your vape on by accident.

Haptic feedback

This is when the portable vaporizer vibrates to inform you of something that has occurred, like turning ON/OFF or perhaps letting you know it has reached the desired temperature and is ready for action. I personally like this feature.

LED illumination display and digital screen displays

You need one or the other to know if your portable vaporizer is on and what temperature you have selected at least. The benefit of having a digital display is the added visual displays such as battery percentage and auto shut off time.

Removeable and replaceable Battery

Having a removeable battery is a great feature, allowing the option to have a spare to carry with you. Ideal for travelling, camping etc when a power source to charge your portable vaporizer is hard to find. A lot of the newer vaporizers on the market have been incorporating 18650 removable batteries that are relatively easy to get hold off.

Charging options

More and more portable vaporizers are using USB/Micro USB as their charging source with some even incorporating DC as well for an extra option.


A hybrid is a portable vaporizer that can vape concentrates as well as dry herbs, some are even capable of E-liquids as well.

Heat-up Times

Some portable vaporizers can heat-up almost instantly, a great feature for the impatient. But not an issue for some.