Top Ideas For Things To Do While Vaping Weed

by Dic. Vape Monster City on November 12, 2017

So, you've got your vaporizer ready together with some great dry herb, you're all set for a great night – but what are you actually going to do? If you're bored of just zoning out on the couch, here are some inspiring ideas for things to try when you're vaping weed.


Listen To Some Music


Ok, you've probably tried this one before – who hasn't listened to their favourite songs while sampling some weed – but try switching out all the lights, putting on a pair of headphones and listening to music. I promise, it'll be a completely different experience. You'll find hidden layers and meanings in even the most familiar tunes and you'll be moved to new dimensions.


Watch A Film


When you're vaping weed, it's the perfect time to watch a movie. There's no better way to become fully immersed in the story and the characters and you'll become engaged with the plot in a way you've never experienced before. If you're up for a laugh, feel free to watch something really stupid, but if you're ready to explore a deeper side of film-making try something more experimental – it could just blow your mind.


Go Outside


You may not be feeling too motivated once you've vaped some weed, but if you can drag yourself off the sofa you should go outdoors and just take a look around at the world. You'll be able to truly appreciate the beauty of nature and see details that you never usually notice. You'll get a brand new perspective on life.


Get Artistic


Even if you aren't usually very creative, when you've vaped some weed let your artistic side come to the fore. Get out some paints, crayons or just some pencils and put whatever's in your head down on paper. Alternatively if art isn't your thing, do some creative writing instead. You might have the beginning of a best-selling novel in you.


Take Some Exercise


Again, you might be finding it hard to get the motivation to try this idea, but if you give it a go you're sure to see its merits. Try a bit of yoga, jogging, or even just a few push ups on your living room floor and you'll discover that it feels great to just be active. You'll be more in tune with your body and really be able to connect with your muscles, breathing and heart rate.


Try Meditation


Instead of drifting off aimlessly, try some focused meditation instead. It's been shown to lower your stress levels, relieve depression and anxiety as well as boosting your confidence and productivity, so it's certainly worth dedicating some time to learning the art.


Try A New Cuisine


While you've got the munchies, this is the time to try something completely different that you've never thought of having before. Never had sushi? Sample some now! The more unusual and outlandish the better. Order a takeaway from a restaurant you've never tried before or go to the supermarket and try something unusual from their ethnic foods section. This is the ideal way to broaden your horizons.


These are just some of the things you could try next time you vape some weed. Feel free to be creative, let your mind expand and experiment – there's no better time.