Vaping Weed And Driving – The Facts

by Dic. Vape Monster City on September 03, 2017

Vaping Weed And Driving – The Facts


If you're a keen dry herb vaper, you've probably been tempted at some time or another to get behind the wheel of your car. Many people feel that their performance levels are actually better while they're under the influence, so they don't think that driving is going to be a problem. However, no matter how confident you are in your abilities, you should still seriously reconsider vaping weed and driving. Even if you have a portable vaporizer like the Arizer Air which can easily be carried around with you, you should still avoid vaping and driving. This is because, not only are you putting yourself and others at risk, but you'll also face some serious penalties if you're stopped by the police.



Can The Police Test For THC?


Although some people are under the impression that there are no roadside tests for weed, that isn't true any more. New mouth swab tests have now been introduced which can detect the presence of drugs in the system, so if you are pulled over by the police they can and will test you if they suspect that you are under the influence. As police officers are now being taught to spot the signs of stoned drivers, it's definitely a risk that isn't worth taking.


The Amount Of Weed You Smoke


If you've just had a couple of hits, your driving abilities probably haven't been severely affected, however the more you've smoked, the more difficult you'll find it to make the fast decisions and speedy reactions you need when you're on the road. Although those who only vape small amounts of dry herb may even find that they are able to have better judgement while driving and actually drive more cautiously, those who have consumed it in larger amounts will be more distracted and less observant behind the wheel. This is because large amounts of weed affect the area of the brain which controls balance, co-ordination and movements. If you are new to vaping weed, you are also more at risk since you will not yet have built up a tolerance to these effects.


Vaping Weed And Alcohol While Driving


You should certainly refrain from drinking alcohol as well as vaping weed before driving anywhere. While experienced weed vapers may have a tolerance to the herb's effects and are therefore able to navigate the road in a more cautious way, if alcohol is added into the mix, the extra effects from this substance will distort your ability to drive even further, created extra elements of risk by slowing down brain function and hand/eye coordination even further.


How Long After Vaping Weed Is It Safe To Drive?


You should wait a minimum of one hour before driving after you vape weed. This is because the THC effects are stronger on the body within the first 60 minutes. If you are a frequent weed vaper, you may find that the effects have entirely worn off within the first hour, although less frequently vapers may need to wait for up to 3 hours before hitting the road.


If you want to be confident that you are safe on the road and that you are not likely to put yourself or others at risk, it's always best not to drive at all after vaping weed.