What Kind Of Grinder To Choose?

by Dic. Vape Monster City on October 16, 2017

If you've decided to invest in a herb grinder to get more out of your weed vaping experience, you probably need to know more about which kind to buy. There are grinders made from several different types of materials, and each suits a different kind of vaper, so here is a basic guide to help you make an informed choice.


Acrylic Grinders – Best For Vapers On A Budget Or On The Move


Acrylic grinders are the cheapest on the market and are perfect for those who are vaping dry herb on a budget. As they are so affordable, they are great for use on the go and when traveling, since you won't be too worried if you accidentally lose it. The downside is that they are not very durable and have a relatively short lifespan. After a while, you'll find that the teeth are likely to break and small pieces of acrylic can actually get into the herb if you aren't vigilant. Another downside to acrylic grinders is that they are usually only 2 piece systems which means that you won't be able to enjoy the added advantage of kief.


Wooden Grinders – Best For Vapers Who Care About Style


Wood grinders are especially stylish and make an attractive addition to your weed vaping gear. With an appealing feel and look, wooden grinders like the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Finishing Grinder have more of a natural element which attracts many vapers who like the aesthetic touch as well as a hand-finished intricacy. The downside is that, since they are carved, they are generally only available in a single compartment format and you therefore won't have the benefit of any kief. One word of warning, when using a wood grinder always ensure that its interior hasn't been painted since the finishing material may get into the herb. You should always choose a grinder finished in raw wood. A low quality wood grinder may also have poor quality teeth which won't make a very good job of producing ground herb.


Metal Grinders – Best For Vapers Looking For Durability And Performance

Rasta Herb Grinder UK

If you're looking for a high quality grinder, you should usually be considering a metal one. Most metal grinders are actually made from aluminium, even if they claim to be made from titanium. If there is any titanium in it, it will usually be simply a coating. Still, even if the grinder is entirely made from aluminium it is still safe to use. Despite there being recent rumours that aluminium grinders are dangerous to use, this isn't the case and as long as you brush any flakes of aluminium out of your grinder you'll be fine. Metal grinders are durable and long lasting and produce a high quality ground herb. The Santa Cruz Shredder is one excellent example of a metal grinder that is highly recommended thanks to its medical grade anodized aluminium body, while the V Grinder is another great choice with its 4 piece design that allows the vaper to enjoy kief as well as their ground herb.