What kinds of vaporizer best suits you?

by Dic. Vape Monster City on July 17, 2017

What kinds of vaporizer best suits you?


We live in a wonderfully technologically advanced age, but if you're making the switch to vaping weed instead of smoking it, choosing the right vaporizer for you could be a little more tricky than you'd expect. There are all kinds of different options out there and it can be quite overwhelming if you're embarking on vaping dry herb for the first time. With so many devices to choose from, how can you pick the one that best suits your vaping style and preferences? Here, we look at which vaporizer is best for different lifestyles so that you can make an informed choice.


Deskop Vaporizers – Best For People Who Vape At Home


These large vaporizers stay plugged into a socket in your home and so are best suited to people who one vape weed in the comfort of their own house. Since they are too big to carry out and need to have a convenient wall outlet available to power them up, these vaporizers are pretty much restricted to indoor use.


These devices feature a bag or mouthpiece which fills up with vapor, allowing you to inhale at the pace you prefer. While these aren't the best vapes for anyone who just wants a quick single hit, they're ideal if you like to share or if you'd normally vape a lot on your own.


While these vaporizers are too big to take out and about with you, they offer the great benefit of being some of the most technologically advanced devices on the market today. Of course, that does depend on how much you are prepared to pay. Top level devices can prove pretty costly, but they do offer precise adjustable temperature controls so that you can achieve the exact effect you require, and high quality table top vaporizers also produce excellent flavor when compared with other types, so you'll enjoy vapor which remains true to the natural aroma of the flower. Devices like the Arizer Extreme Q are ideal for vaping at home and will offer you a great experience.


Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers – Best For Vaping Herb On The Move


These small vaporizers are powered by a battery and have a chamber in which you can pack your dry herb. These compact devices are great for popping in your pocket or bag and taking out and about with you wherever you want to go, however the trade-off is that they do have a more limited functionality. Many only have a fixed temperature which may prove to be too hot to enjoy flavorful terpenes, while others do enable you to change the heat settings but without the ability to choose a particular temperature. You should still be able to enjoy a good quality of flavor and a good effect, although choosing a device with customizable temperatures is preferred over a fixed temperature gadget. A device such as the Davinci IQ are ideal for getting a hit while out of the house.


Portable Concentrate Pens – Best For Those On A Budget


These compact vaporizers are powered by a battery and are similar to a dry herb vaporizer but use oil instead. These affordable devices can easily fit into any budget and are extremely portable, meaning you can take it anywhere with you. As they are also very discreet, you can vape stealthily pretty much anywhere you like. Some even don't need you to load or unload the produce since everything comes packaged neatly in a pre-loaded cylinder, although others allow you to fill up with oil yourself. These pen-style vaporizers are pretty popular since the batteries are cheap and you get a smooth hit from the oil. While there may be a few issues regarding leakage and battery lifespan, most devices are pretty reliable and user friendly. A device such as the Kandypens Slim Kit represents an affordable way of vaping on the go.