What's The Best Temperature For Vaping Dry Herb?

by Dic. Vape Monster City on July 15, 2017

What's The Best Temperature For Vaping Dry Herb?


When you smoke Dry Herb, temperature control isn't something you need to think about, however when you make the switching to vaping, you'll find that playing around with adjustable temperature controls is a fantastic way of changing the effect you experience and customizing it to suit your preferences. Getting the temperature right will make sure that your device vaporizes the terpenes and cannabinoids efficiently so that you can enjoy the best possible vaping experience.


When vaping dry herb, experts have discovered that the perfect temperature is around 347 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit (or 175 to 200 degrees Celsius), however some studies have shown that the finest balance between achieving a smooth vapor and getting an efficient evaporation of cannabinoids and terpenes occurs at 210 degrees Celsius.

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High Or Low Temperatures?


If you vape weed below the temperature of 180 degrees Celsius (356 degrees Fahrenheit) you will mostly be inhaling terpenes since cannabinoids cannot evaporate at such a low temperature. However these lower temperatures are perfect for those looking for a less intense experience. A higher temperature will give you more cannabinoids with better extraction of THC occurring at around 446 degrees Fahrenheit or 230 degrees Celsius. It's important to be aware that vaping at a higher temperature than 455 degrees Fahrenheit (235 degrees Celsius) will cause the vapor to have a harsh taste.


Adjusting Temperatures For THC and CBD Content


While there are many users who believe that adjusting the temperature that they vape at will help them to experience the effect of either THC or CBD more, this probably doesn't make a lot of difference. This is because these two cannabinoids have boiling points which are just 10 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit) apart, and the majority of vaporizers don't have those levels of accuracy. In order to experience the effect of both THC and CBD, you should set your vaping device to a temperature of around 210 degrees Celsius (410 degrees Fahrenheit) and this should result in a pleasurable experience.

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What Else To Bear In Mind


When thinking about adjusting your vaping temperature to customize your experience, there are some other things to bear in mind. For example, one of the factors to consider is how much moisture is in your dry herb since when it is heated in a vaporizer any water remaining in the plant will be boiled off first. Another element to keep in mind is the kind of vaporizer you are using as a convection style device such as the Da Buddha desktop vaporizer will be a lot more efficient since heat will be transferred in a more direct way. If you choose a conduction-style vaporizer such as a vape pen, you may find that hotspots are produced and this can make it tricky to maintain a level temperature.


Now that you know more about adjusting your vaping temperature to achieve your desired effect, you can make sure that you enjoy the experience that best suits you, whether that be the subtle relaxing effect of a low temperature vape or the intense euphoria you can experience with a higher temperature vape.

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