Why not quit smoking for the new year

by Dic. Vape Monster City on January 04, 2017

Well Christmas is over the tree is out of the house and life resumes as normal. So the new year resolutions now start to break out and these usually revolve around our health and fitness. Perhaps you are going to start hitting the gym to shred a few Christmas pounds or build yourself some guns to flex in front of that mirror, no pain no gain they say! another easier way to make your lifestyle a little more healthy would be to stop smoking. I have already spoken about the adverse effects from smoking before and in case you missed it click here and have a read.

Vaporizing is the perfect substitute and although it doesn't fill everyone's expectations most people that quit smoking and start vaporizing don't feel the need to revert back.

So if your thinking of packing in your dirty habit and trying a vaporizer for the first time I thought this blog could help you make the correct choice.

Boundless vaporizers

There are many different types and styles of vaporizer out on the market now and more choice means more confusion for a first time buyer. The first thing to consider is what it will be used for, concentrates or dry herbs? and then the next choice would be the size of the unit. If you are planning to only use your vape at home then it would definitely be worth considering a desktop vaporizer although if you would rather something that you can take with you and use on the move a pen or a portable vaporizer would be an idea, take a look at this vape guide to help you make the right choice to start the new year off.