Why You Should Be Vaping CBD

by Dic. Vape Monster City on September 16, 2017

Why You Should Be Vaping CBD


There are several ways of taking CBD, but the question that is often asked is “which way is best?” Demand is rising all the time for products that contain CBD, from modern sublingual sprays to the old fashioned joint. However, the effective dosage of CBD can be hugely affected by the way in which it's ingested.


What About Oral Consumption?


Not all the CBD that's consumed actually affects the body directly – only a percentage of it has an active effect – a figure which is called its “bioavailability”. Bioavailability varies dramatically depending on how the CBD enters the system – for example, if CBD is consumed orally its bioavailability is just 15% and that means that just 15mg from every 100mg eaten actually gets into the bloodstream.


This happens because CBD isn't very soluble in water and therefore it doesn't stay for very long in the body's bloodstream. It will rapidly diffuse and accumulate in the fatty tissues, and this cuts the amount of CBD entering your circulation significantly. Also, when CBD enters through the gut, it must go through your liver before it can be circulated. The liver reduces the amount of CBD even further.


How Does Vaping CBD Work?


If you want to increase the amount of CBD which your body can effectively use, you can need to find a better way of consuming it, and that method is vaping. When you vape CBD it enters the lungs and can then diffuse straight into the bloodstream instead of going through the gut and the liver. This eliminates any loss due to breakdown by the liver enzymes and also from absorption and boosts the bioavailability of the CBD up to almost 60%.


Even better, if you decide to vape CBD, it will become active in your body much more quickly since you won't need to wait until it has travelled through the gut. If you vaporize a high CBD concentrate or e-liquid you'll find that you can feel the effects around 60 minutes sooner, and in some cases, even just 30 minutes after vaping. This makes vaporization the most efficient way to deliver CBD.

How Do You Vape CBD?


If you're ready to try vaping CBD, you can go for a few different methods. One way is to buy a bottle of CBD oil which can be vaped on its own, or alternatively, you can buy it in a high concentrate which can then be added to another e-liquid and vaped. Of course, it goes without saying that you must check to ensure the CBD oil that you're using can actually be vaped! Another way is to vape CBD in wax form, for example Grizzly's CBD Wax, which works with a concentrate pen such as the G-Slim, which is light, portable and affordable.


While vaping CBD may be a relatively new concept, many people all over the world are discovering its benefits, and if you try it, you're sure to find that it will benefit you too.