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    Boundless Vaporizers

    Boundless Vaporizers

    Boundless vaporizers | Vaporizer UK

    Boundless Technology was founded in December of 2015 in Southern California with the intentions of providing a vaping experience compared to no other. The introduction of the CF and CFX vaporizers came with a wave of praise for their quick heat up times and superior functionality with an affordable price point.

    Boundless technology | Vaporizer UK

    The Boundless CF and Boundless CFX are often compared with the Volcano Crafty UK and the Volcano Mighty. While the two-similar designed boundless vaporizers do not perform quite as well as the Crafty or Mighty vaporizer they are none the less very good and much more affordable. The Boundless CF UK and its bigger brother the Boundless CFX UK are full of great features with both of the vaporizer units designed to a high standard, do not let the plastic shell put you of they feel sturdy and have soft to touch and grippy rubberized coating that is finished in black, presenting an elegant, premium look. Both vape units feature a range of temperature to choose to vape at, and a large conduction/Convection mix, ceramic heat chamber with an Isolated air path to provide the user with some tasty, flavoursome clouds of sweet vapor. The boundless CF is the perfect size for your pocket, while the Boundless CFX vaporizer UK is a bit is slightly bigger and better carried in a bag, it does feature some great things like fully adjustable temperature settings, haptic feedback and a beautiful and crisp OLED display showing Temp, auto shut of time and your current battery level.

    Boundless Vaporizer UK Delivery

    We stock the Boundless CF vaporizer and Boundless CFX vaporizer here in the UK, Our delivery time takes around 1-3 days and is sent out discreetly packaged

    Boundless vaporizer UK Warranty

    he Boundless CF and Boundless CFX come with a 2-year warranty and if you have any trouble, in most cases Vape Monster City can help through the process and take the stress out getting your problem sorted.