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    Dr Dabber Vaporizers

    Dr Dabber Vaporizers | Vaporizer UK

    The US based company Dr Dabber is rapidly rising in popularity and is starting to take over as a leader in the vaping industry. Their beautifully designed devices are some of the most affordable on the market without compromising on quality or performance. Ideal for those who prefer to vape concentrates, their appealing range of vape pen style devices include several models which are discreet and perfect for use on the go. Slim, compact and lightweight, they can easily fit into a pocket or bag for vaping on the move. Dr Dabber also make an impressive e-nail rig which is portable and can be taken anywhere – the ideal alternative to a traditional torch and nail set up. Made from top quality materials, the Dr Dabber collection includes devices that are perfect for novice vapers as well as kits for more experienced vapers, all at prices that won't break the bank. 


    Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer - Vape Monster City Vaporizer Sale
    £54.99 £79.95
    Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition - Vape Monster City Vaporizer Sale
    £144.95 £159.95
    Dr Dabber Aurora - Vape Monster City
    Dr Dabber Aurora