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    Grow Gear

    We have a variety of grow products to help you get set up and get your green thumb in no time!
    The Producer - Grow Box Vaporizer Sale
    From £4,995.00 £5,995.00
    The Mothership - Grow Box
    Lighthouse Lite Tents UK
    From £85.99
    Lighthouse Max UK
    Lighthouse Max
    From £123.99
    Aeros iV 4 plant DWC Grow Pots - Vape Monster City
    Canna Terra Vega - Vape Monster City
    Canna Terra Vega
    Biobizz Bio-Grow - Vape Monster City
    Biobizz Bio-Grow
    Biobizz Bio-Bloom - Vape Monster City
    Biobizz Bio-Bloom
    Essentials PH Meter - Vape Monster City
    Essentials PH Meter
    Essential EC Meter - Vape Monster City
    Essential EC Meter
    Timer Sockets UK
    Timer Sockets
    Grow Box Dryer Sold Out
    Grow Box Dryer
    MIGRO 100 Grow Light
    MIGRO 200 Grow Light
    MIGRO 400 Grow Light
    MIGRO 600 Grow Light
    Biobizz Starter Pack - Vape Monster City Sold Out
    Plant!t PH Meter UK Sold Out
    Plant!t PH Meter