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When you are using dry herbs for vaping, you need to ensure that they are finely ground for the best possible experience. The easiest and most convenient way to do this is to invest in a grinder. Designed to improve the vaping experience, grinders are available in a range of materials including acrylic, aluminum and wood and can found in a choice of prices to suit any budget.

From simple 2-part units right up to advanced four-part grinders that offer the finest possible grind, we stock models from the We have some of the biggest and best names in the industry so that you can be confident of high performance for a smoother and more consistent vapor. Whether you are looking for a low-cost grinder to take with you when you are away from home, or whether you are looking for the latest technology, you are sure to find something suitable in our range.

Herb Grinders

SLX 2.0 Grinder


Aluminium Rasta Pocket Grinder | 4 Part


Santa Cruz Shredder - 3 Part Medium Grinder


The V Grinder


Magic Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder


Chewi Electric Grinder


The 4 Piece V Grinder